Disturbing Racist Moments Within The WWE Corporate Structure

Racism is one of the harsh realities of the world of today and no matter how unbiased we try to be, there is always a point where we unintentionally get racist and think of other races as inferior to ours. For instance, in the field of wrestling differentiation by the race, a wrestler belongs to would make no sense because it’s all about skills. But the fact is that the structure of WWE also facilitates racism. Don’t believe us? Keep reading the article.



The conflict between Tripple H and Booker T was one of the incidents that prove that racism is deep rooted even within the structure of WWE. What happened was that Tripple H was supposed to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Champion against Booker T at WrestleMania XIX and rather than acknowledging the skills of Booker T, Tripple H gave a more racial element to the conflict saying that Booker was not World Championship material.

Tripple H Vs Booker T


Kamala, who is a Ugandan warrior and seems like a tough competition has also been among the WWE wrestlers that have faced racial discrimination! He proved this by giving some of the financial facts as he explained that he only made $13,000 in the SummerSlam 1992 while his opponent, Undertaker bagged nearly half a million.



Another if the cases are of Micheal Hayes who is rather the culprit. In 2008, he was reported to have called Mark Henry, the n-word and since that wasn’t quite enough, so he did the same thing with the writer, David Kapoor. Ironically, he then went to a whole new level and used the word “boy” about President Barack Obama.

Micheal hayes


The history of racism in the United States is deeply rooted, and unfortunately, with rampant racism, people are losing the sense of respect for all other races. All of us know that Mark Henry is huge and so individuals in the WWE have named him as “Silverback” which is pretty insulting. It is common for the Americans to compare blacks with gorillas because of their size and color and the same occurs in WWE.

Mark Henry


Another fact that proves that racism is widely prevalent in the WWE is that 60 men have held either the WWE World or World Heavyweight Championship since the original belt was established in 1963. We know that majority of the US citizens are white so some of the people would even claim that it is the population ratio that is responsible for it but the fact remains that people of color hardly get a chance to demonstrate their talent.



When Alberto Del Rio was fired from the WWE, many people claimed that it was all his fault. However, when you assess the complexity of the situation, you will realize that racism was the cause. What happened was that the social media coordinator made an offensive comment about Del Rio being a Mexican that outraged him and he ended up slapping the coordinator.

Alberto Del Rio


Tolerance on the culture of others is paramount, but it seems like WWE severely lacks it. Despite the fact that Tiger Ali Singh has been a disappointment, his claim of being used by the company seems valid. Tiger told Vince McMahon that he couldn’t wear a turban because his culture doesn’t support, and his family doesn’t like it, but McMohan insulted him over it and made sure that Tiger wears it.

Tiger Ali Singh


Ahmed Johnson is yet another person who has experienced the harsh reality in the form of racism. He claims that the day he was hired, WWE Hall of Famer Ernie Ladd approached him and apparently warned him that WWE has to be the most racist organization one could work for. It is ironic that things like the race that we have no control over are the determinant factors behind our success. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with the people around you!

Ahmed Johnson


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