Pictures That Prove WWE Divas Love Yoga Pants


She is one of the most popular and famous WWE Divas and has a massive fan following of more men than a woman! And I think that you can very well understand that why is that! She is a British-born wrestler, and she knows how to rock these hot yoga pants with her sizzling figure!



Brie Bella

Brie Bella isn’t just a wrestler, but she is also an actress! I mean with that sweet face and the rocking body, could she be anywhere else! Her amazing figure is certainly the biggest asset! It looks like she is in the gym working and sweating that extra fat from the body! However, she has announced for her semi-retirement!

brie bella


Nikki Bella

You can say that Nikki is one of the household names when it comes to WWE! She isn’t retired or anything, but you can see her much frequently in the ring! Although some rumors also took place in which it was said that something had caused rivalry among the twin sisters! Well, pay no heed to it because she won’t let you concentrate anywhere else!

nikki bella



It looks like Kim K got some competition over here! Kaitlyn is a former WWE player, but she has left the industry for good and now she just loves to spend that extra time in the gym! Well, you can tell a lot from the yoga pants and how she is rocking them! Gotta give the credits to the assets too!




You can very well say that she is the hottest diva in WWE! This woman has won Canada’s “Miss Hawaiian Tropic” in 2003, and after it, she got married to a wrestler! She is also a manager for WWE! She has worked hard to get her real estate license and now she also has her line of clothing and jewelry!



Torrie Wilson

All our childhood we have seen this beautiful woman in the ring and not only that but she used to be our favorite woman wrestler character in every game! She has retired from the game back in 2008, and now she doesn’t do wrestling anymore, but it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been working on her body! I mean just look at it!

torrie wilson



You can look and tell that she would look good in almost anything and we can’t deny the fact that how hot she looks in this yoga shorts! This beautiful woman has appeared in movies like Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2! She has gained a lot of respect for her work!



Summer Rae

This diva has been featured on the reality series Total Divas! She has worked for the WWE since 2011, and from that time she has gained a lot of popularity and has become a household name! You can say that she isn’t that strong or muscular like any other wrestler, but she is surely rocking those yoga pants!

summer rae



Cameron is no longer a wrestler in WWE, but she still needs to be mentioned in this list because she looks beautiful in those yoga pants! Although she isn’t a wrestler now, but there will be no time for her when she won’t go and hit the gym! In fact, she has a very strict gym regime!




She has been around in the game since 2000, and she has a very petite figure which is the main reason of getting such fame in the industry! She looks stunning in everything whether it be yoga pants or yoga shorts she just knows how to carry it off perfectly! She is the one who will ship a spinach smoothie over a Big Mac!



Sasha Banks

You can tell that she is one of the worst Divas in WWE and she could give anyone a hard time! She has been in WWE since 2012, and she is the person who will be a spotlight in the ring! The fact that you didn’t know was that she is the cousin of Snoop Dogg!

sasha banks


Trish Stratus

She is a former wrestler and a fitness model too, and even after retiring she is still considered as one of the most popular divas! Can you tell that she is in her 40s and see how great she looks in those yoga pants!

tirish stratus


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