8 Wrestlers Who Support The Authority And 7 That Want To Destroy Them

Supports Them – Vince McMahon

How can you even thought that this list would be complete without Vince? He is in support of his daughter and his son-in-law taking over all the money and his company when the time is right! Vince is the guy who doesn’t want to share his company with anyone, but because of the rules that he has to abide, he will give it to his daughter!



Wants Them Gone – CM Punk

Now people say that Punk is the reason why WWE has to go through many lawsuits and still has to deal with them! And if Punk wins those lawsuits it will be a big problem for WWE, but for Punk the only problem is Triple H having too much power!

cm punk vs brock lesnar


Supports Them – Sasha Banks

Well, we can say that Sasha Banks is the one who has great terms with her future bosses! She has been the one who has credited her future bosses for the initiatives they are taking for women wrestling! As a reward Triple H has helped Sasha to stand out in the NXT!

sasha banks


Wants Them Gone – AJ Lee

AJ Lee has a lot of problems with the McMahon family! She has left it on her husband Punk to do all the talking although she has spoken out to Stephanie in public! One of the complaints that AJ had was that men wrestler are given more money than women!

AJ lee


Supports Them – The Undertaker

Triple H and Stephanie is the one who has been becoming a lot of controversial after these issues have arrived! Now The Undertaker is the person who has always spoken in support of the couple from the very first day!



Wants Them Gone – Alberto Del Rio

In case you have been following you know WWE has been involved in a lot of racism! Alberto Del Rio is the one who has come and gone a lot of time from WWE, and both of these incidents have been dealt with racism and racist remarks given by the WWE employees!

triple h return 2011


Supports Them – Shawn Michaels

It should come as no surprise because if you have known their friendship, you would say that Shawn will support HHH! Shawn has a good relation going with Stephanie and as well as Vince!

shawn michaels stephanie mcmahon


Wants Them Gone – Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was completely against the idea Of Stephanie and Triple H taking all the control over the company! He didn’t have any problems with her sister or Triple H, but he had problems with his father who wouldn’t take his suggestion in the business of different issues!

shane mcmahon stephanie mcmahon


Supports Them – Kevin Nash

There are a lot of problems, but apparently, it does seem like Nash is happy with the decision that his buddy is taking over WWE! He has admitted that Triple H has been the most hard working person in their group and now it just makes him happy to see him on a position!

kevin nash vs triple h


Wants Them Gone – Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is great when it comes to being a good wrestler in WWE! He wasn’t in his fittest condition for the Royal Rumble, but somehow Triple H has been blamed for his failures! Steiner once said, “He was a piece of s***,” who,”would be nothing if he had not f****ed the boss’ daughter.”

scott steiner vs hhh


Supports Them – William Regal

It is obvious that Regal will support the couple because they have been doing the same for him! They have respected him and have done a lot on a personal level! Regal himself has thanked them for sending him to rehab and making his life better!

steve austin king of the ring 1996


Wants Them Gone – Bret Hart

Bret has said that what does Stephanie knows about wrestling and then answering his question he said that she doesn’t know anything and that is the major reason she shouldn’t be trusted with the business and it’s dealings!

bret hart


Supports Them – Jim Ross

Jim thinks that they are going to be an amazing team and would make the business better with the understanding and the knowledge that they have! He thinks that they are going to be great leaders!

jim ross


Wants Them Gone – Paul London

Paul London is the one who doesn’t care about the couple on a personal level and on that he also has a point because Triple H was the reason Paul London was buried back in 2008!

wwe paul london


Supports Them – Ric Flair

Ric Flair is very much attached to Triple H after his return in 2001! He and Triple H are like best friends, and now you wouldn’t be surprised to know that Flair is in support of his friends!

stephanie mcmahon vs charlotte


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