25 Women Who Took Body Building To The Next Level

Colette Guimond

Colette happens to be a French-Canadian bodybuilder from IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders). This strong woman started to train herself at the age 26 and began competing two years after that. Sadly, she competed in the amateur competitions only and could not start performing professionally even after having won the Montreal Championship in 1989. In the year 2005, she was able to stand first in the Canadian Women’s Bodybuilding Nationals Heavyweight division which was a considerable achievement. At present, she lives in Florida and has taken the bodybuilding obsession too far.

colette guimond


Brigita Brezovac

Since a young girl aged 14, she knew that she wanted to do this professionally. The realization came when she lived in Slovenia and saw posters of the female body builder’s on the walls of her boyfriend’s home gym. When she reached age 22, she competed for the first time and secured the fourth position in an amateur competition. Her next show was in 2004, where she competed in the fitness section and got rejected because of her build. Nevertheless, she did not give up and went on competing in the bodybuilding category and won. IFBB has named her the fifth best female bodybuilder.

brigita brezovac


Rene Campbell

This British woman transformed herself the fastest of anybody on this list. She started as a size 8 and started competing professionally just four years after. She is a mother of two and still obsessed with bodybuilding. Rene hopes that she weighs 280 pounds one day, which is more than a hundred pounds to what she weighs now. She carries around a scale with her when she is not eating at home and makes sure she gets her daily 4200 calories.

Rene Campbell


Yolanda Hughes-Heying

Yolanda started her dream to become an Olympian in the gymnastics category. Her passion led her way, and she began competing while still in high school. Her primary sport was gymnastics and track, but she decided to compete in the bodybuilding competition when she reached college. After her scholarship was over Hughes started focusing on bodybuilding, trying to make a living out of it. Became a pro in 1992, got married and moved to her husband’s homeland, Germany. In Germany, she started her gym and won her first Ms. International title in 1997 and another, the very next year.

yolanda hughes


Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

Starting her career in the late 80’s Yaxeni is still known as one of the most decorated professional bodybuilders ever. In 1993 she won the Central American Championships and with it, her pro card. After which she moved to the US from Venezuela. Her training started right then, and she is still training and competing. According to very recent IFBB ratings, she is the third best female bodybuilder. She has won five Ms. International titles and one Ms. Olympia title. Living in Florida, she is 50 now, but nobody knows when will this lioness stop. She trains herself and others too now.

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia


Iris Kyle

Considered one of the best bodybuilders in history, she is the most decorated female bodybuilder this world has ever seen. She has won herself seven Ms. International titles, ten Ms. Olympia titles, and a good many others. Her inspiration came from watching all the physically fit bodies when she moved to the Orange County. IFBB ranks her the first on its pro rankings list, and that makes this woman a legend. Though she retired in the year 2014, she made sure everyone knew she’d be returning soon to the bodybuilding competitions.

iris kyle


Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls

Active merely from 1992 to 1999 people still remember her. Kim lived in Illinois and worked as a personal trainer, and this was also the time she met her boyfriend and future husband, Chad Nicholls. This man convinced her to get the bodybuilding physique and helped her interest grown in the field. In 1993 she started competing professionally, that year she won Ms. International. That same year she secured the fifth position in her first Ms. Olympia. In 1996 she won both these competitions. It was the first time in history that a female bodybuilder earned these titles.

Kim Chizvesky-Nicholls


Sally McNeil

There are not many achievements this woman has on her resume regarding the bodybuilding world. But Sally is still on the list because she certainly did take the sport to an extreme with all those whooping muscles. People remember her mainly for shooting and killing her husband on Valentine’s day of 1995. According to Sally, she was being threatened by him, and she feared he might also hurt her two children from previous marriage. Many others said the steroids the couple was taking were to blame. She ended up in jail.

sally mcneil


Lisa Giesbrecht

She started training in her late 30’s, but was always conscious of her fitness and started taking it too seriously only after giving birth to two beautiful children. Ever since she got into the sport, her body has miraculously transformed. Curling up 100 lbs like its a toothpick proves that these muscles are not just for a show. She is past the age of vigorously putting on weight, but she still hopes to win a championship before she grows too old.

Lisa bodybuilder


Natalia Trukhina

She is more into powerlifting than bodybuilding, and not even a professional IFBB bodybuilder. She is just an amateur but has still ended up on our list because of how extreme she went. She is only in her 20’s, and you never know how she decides to take her career. Right now she trains other bodybuilders and power trainers. It has not been very secretive about her steroid usage, and she only competes where there are no drug tests.

natalia trukhina


Debi Laszewski

Starting to train at the age 20 she had won her first championship at the age 24. In the year 2000 when the judges gave her the seventh place, she was hurt. Her motivation was gone, and she almost gave up on her career as a bodybuilder. In 2009 when she returned to the sport, she was in top 4 of every competition she took part in. In IFBB pro ranking she is currently the third best and is still training. She is in her 40’s and still competes and wins.

Debi Laszewski


Virginia Sanchez

Virginia chose bodybuilding and personal training as her career and is from Spain. She began her training at 17 and took part in a competition for the first time when she was 19. Her biceps are a whopping seventeen inches. One must wonder how huge she must be, but we would like to tell you another interesting fact, she is only 5 feet 3 inches in height. It must be right when they say; big things come in small packages.

virginia sanchez


Kristy Hawkins

This woman is a living proof that a woman can be all, beautiful, healthy and smart. She is undeniably pretty, has a masters in Chemical Engineering and has those fantastic muscles. It all started when she wanted to lose weight, she was thick and had eating disorders before she began to train vigorously. With time she found out she was falling in love with working out and decided to pick it as her profession. After getting her pro card in 2007, she has competed in 4 professional championships. She is strong naturally and has left bodybuilding for powerlifting.

kristy hawkins


Joanna Clare Thomas

One of the two British bodybuilder sisters, you might as well know her sister Nicola Shaw. Strong muscles kind of run in the family while this one started showing interest in the field at a very young age. Joanna began to not only compete but also win in her teenage years. Today, she is still the youngest female ever to become a professional IFBB bodybuilder. But sadly Joanna could never win a big title like Ms. Olympia or Ms. International and retired in 2007. In the year 2010, she even announced a possible return but it never happened. There is a documentary about her called “Supersize She.”

Joanna Clare Thomas


Alina Popa

She started with her workout routine at an age as young as 12. At 19 she began bodybuilding after getting inspired by a random woman at her gym who was preparing to compete in a competition. After training for two years, she believed she was all set to start competing. By 2008 she was an official pro in IFBB bodybuilders list. She has been placed as high as second on both Ms. Olympia and Ms. International and has competed in both several times. She can squat 400 pounds, and that makes her one of the strongest women ever to have walked the planet.

alina popa


Denise Rutkowski

In 1993 she was placed second in the Ms. Olympia competition. She retired not long after, which was in 1996. All of this was because she wanted to attend Bible College and she successfully became an ordained minister. In 2001 she returned to the sport for a brief amount of time and had ever since changed a bit too much.

Denise Rutkowski Banner


Candice Armstrong

Born with body dysmorphic disorder, she started working out when she was 28. Used to be a barmaid but after becoming obsessed with working out, she built huge muscles and started competing. When she purchased trenbolone and began consuming it, her genitals were enlarged, and there was an enormous increase in her face and belly hair. Now she has started living like a man and has been considering dragging her career.

candice armstrong


Irene Anderson

Another very famous and decorated bodybuilder from Denmark has now moved to Sweden. She began lifting weights when she was as young as 15 and has been obsessed with it ever since. Known to be the strongest woman in Sweden she has built a name for herself in bodybuilding all over the world. A mother of three has after retiring now occasionally works out.

irene anderson


Nicole Bass

She weighs 240 lbs and is 6 ft 2 inches tall, claims that she is the most massive female bodybuilder in the world at present. This woman is highly celebrated for being an actress, wrestler, valet and a bodybuilder. She won the NPC (National Bodybuilding Championship) in 1997. Still, her name is seen more in professional wrestling than bodybuilding, but she too went to an extreme level. Her resume includes working for Extreme Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, XPW and none other than WWE. But she retired in 2003, and it is said this was because of a backstage sexual assault attempt by Steve Lombardi.

nicole bass


Renne Toney

This woman is not self-proclaimed when she says that she has got the largest biceps a woman has in the world. She has the biggest biceps any female has ever had, and this was confirmed at the Arnold Classic Expo of the year 2006 when in February her biceps were measured. Her right bicep is as big as 20 inches while the left one is even bigger and 20 ¼ inches. She has achieved this title and the physique after training for 20 years.

renne toney


Tammy Jones

She might not have won as many championships as others on the list, but she still does have some great muscles. Born in 1979 in Florida, USA she is both an actress and a professional bodybuilder. Her height is 5 ft 6 inches, and she weighed 158 pounds. She’s also a mother of a daughter, a personal trainer, and runs two gyms of her own. It is funny that she never played any sports when in school but still fell into bodybuilding and took it so far. Like many others on the list her underlying intention was to lose weight but she somehow too became obsessed with it.

tammy jones


Helle Trevino

Meet the number one on the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding List. Those muscles prove that she deserves to be the highest-ranked lady. This Danish/American bodybuilder was also named Ms. Rising Phoenix 2017. Born on a farm in Denmark she made it very far; this is all because of her passion for the sport. Majoring in German and English in college she afterward took exams in the field of nutrition and training and never gave up on her love for the game.

helle trevino


Tina Chandler

Even as a child Tina was very much into gymnastics and was a part of almost all the sports offered by her school. Tina was a sporty girl, and she did track, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, tennis, and cycling in school. In 2004 she competed for the first time in a bodybuilding competition. In 2007 she got her IFBB pro card when she stood first in the middleweight class in NPC Nationals. In the year 2009, she was placed tenth in Ms. Olympia competition, and that would be her most significant achievement ever.

tina chandler


Rosemary Jennings

She used to work as an Executive Administrator before she became a personal trainer. She credits her transformation to Aerial Johnson, an old scholar. She competed as an amateur for four years and then in 2002 she became a pro at the NPC USA. She says that bodybuilding is all about dedication and persistence, both with your nutrition and training. Her goal right now is to win Ms. Olympia at least once in her life.

rosemary jennings


Juliette Bergmann

In 1981, she also started working out with the intention of losing weight. But her inspiration came from a bodybuilding show she attended with her ex-husband. In 1982 she had already entered her first amateur competition, which she ended up winning. In 1983 she again visited a contest and loved how the women looked and took her decision to pursue the sport as her career.

juliette bergmann


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