Vans Is Releasing An Entire “Toy Story” Collection And You Should Not Miss It

Most of the people have a thing for sneakers not only because of how cool you look wearing them irrespective of your gender but also because they make you feel very comfortable. Guys are often seen wearing them, and if girls are given a choice between heels and sneakers, we bet a lot of them are going to choose sneakers. And considering the trendy designs and various brands in the markets, it is almost impossible to avoid them.

Some people are so obsessed with sneakers that they could even think of buying a pair every month, but the only thing that stops them is money as sparing $200-$300 a month is not that everyone can do. So what happens is that the majority of the people go sneakers shopping after every few months. But in case you just got a pair for yourself, we are going to tell you something that is going to force you to spare some more dollars for something you cannot miss out on!

All of us love Toy story, don’t we? And considering that, we are sure that you would love to wear some funky sneakers that are recently launched on 7th October 2016. The incredible thing about these sneakers are that not only they’re going to be a project of Vans, but it is a joint venture with Pixar. We are sure that the idea of it sounds exciting and you want to know more about it so just keep reading the article.

This collection is not only going to be based on footwear but also accessories. Vans and Pixar have reworked on California brand’s most iconic silhouettes for a nostalgic collection that is bound to be a hit. The inspiration behind the entire collection, however, is Woody and the three options available in the footwear collection are Sk8-Hi Reissue PT, the Old Skool, and an Authentic.

The best part is that this collection features some of the very prominent characters and it is used in such a way that it looks attractive. But that doesn’t mean that this collection doesn’t focus on the minor characters because it also beautifully depicts them too. The kids and toddlers are also one of the target customers which is why some of Andy’s favorite toys have been added to the slip-on’s.

As far as the footwear collection is concerned, there are about 13 pieces in total and the best thing about all those articles is that they have the trademark Andy writing at the bottom of the shoe. So, you would want to flaunt your “original” toy-story sneakers around and be proud that you belong to the generation that is inspired by toy story.

The idea of this collection originated from the 20th-anniversary of the film, and that is when Vans and Pixar thought of doing something that is going to attract a large number of people so this collection was the best thing that they could come up with.

And as we already told you that shoes are not the only thing that is the part of the collection. There are some fabulous hats, shirts, and sweaters that are offered to the customers too! There is not a chance that people won’t like them because they have memories associated with these characters and this collection is going to make them nostalgic.

The idea of this entire collection is super exciting, and we are sure that most of you must have started thinking about all the money that you can use to get some of the very appealing things that are a part of this collection. So, even if you don’t have cash on hand, you might even want to borrow some because missing out on such an amazing collection is not a choice.

If you are still not tempted towards this collection, then wait till we show you the video that is going to catch your attention. So, here’s the video, do give it a watch and don’t forget to SHARE it with all the toy story fans because this is one in a million chance!

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