The Mountain From The Series Games Of Thrones Set Absolutely Ridiculous World Record

There is two type of people who exist in this world. One is those who haven’t seen the Game of Thrones at all, and then there are the ones who watch the series like crazy. We are assuming that you’re in the second pool of people, and if so, how can one even forget, The Mountain aka the bodyguard of Cersei? We all know that she is alive today just because of this man or else she would have her head thrown somewhere in the North. So more power to you, Mountain!

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Mountain is the guy who leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to how strong he is. I mean, you could look at his body and try to acknowledge that he is one of the strongest people on earth. There have been a lot of scenes in the show where you could see this man tearing people up. He used to be a basketball player who stands 6 feet and 9 inches tall. He has been shown silent throughout the series, and now that the last season is in progress, we don’t think so we’ll ever get to hear him.

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The Mountain has made everyone go crazy not just with the performance on the series but he has set some records which will make your jaw drop. Those aren’t the kind of records which you would see happening all the time, but he broke a record, telling everyone how strong he is. Later he set a record in which he threw a 56-pound weight over a 20-foot bar, and I bet that you all must be thinking how in the world could someone manage to do that?

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But since you know he is the bodyguard of Cersei who has saved her from quite a lot of troubles, then you can’t ever say that there is anything that this man just can’t do. So anyway, he did a record and then he broke another record which just made everyone to fall in love with him more. He took a 43 kg bag and just threw it over a 15 ft. bar. Now that is something crazy, isn’t?

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Everyone just applauded him for his great achievement. He was the one who accumulated 45.5 points in the event and also managed to become a runner-up in the contest. You could check his Instagram handle, and you would find so many pictures of him in which he is participating in so many contests and lifting things which look heavy as anything.

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The competition was called the stone shoulder in which the competitor had to lift a huge and very weirdly shaped rock and then had to be held in the same place for as much time as they could. Mateusz Kieliszkowski from Poland was the winner as he had four more points but then there was Bjornsson who was another runner-up as he held a wooden apparatus inclined.

There was another contestant who tried to carry a weight of 465 kg but soon after he tried his nose started bleeding and he just had to let go of that. Well, so you all can guess that how deadly it must have been. But the 6 feet 9 inches tall strongest man had attempted to lift a weight of 472 kg, and that made him be at the top of his game.

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The Arnold competition is held every year, and this is mainly targeted for athletes to show the world that how strong they are, and these athletes right here are surely showing the world about their power. We just wish that Mountain aims to be more stronger and may he get to beat his own previous record which he has set this year. Watch this video below and let us know what you think of this strong man.

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