Granny Paying In Coins Holds Up The Line, Then Mom Writes Cashier A Note On Facebook

Doing a little act of kindness takes you a long way, and you know what it heals you from inside! There are so many people out there who have done small and beautiful things for others, and it has brought a smile on the faces of people! Doing something good for others isn’t only satisfying for them, but it is a great way to make yourself happy too!

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It was a fine day for this woman Sarah Bigler! She has been working all day, and after that, she went to get something from Target! She picked up all her stuff and then as any of us would do, she went to the cashier to pay the bill and just go home! She was standing in the queue after a senior woman who was taking too long to pay the bill!

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Minutes have gone by, and there was still no sign of the woman paying her bill, and that was irritating Sarah a lot! She was already having a frustrating day and now to stand in a queue for so long was just testing her nerves! Anyway, Sarah tried to get a peak of what the woman is doing taking so long, and she realized that the old granny was paying in change!



And usually, when we get to the till we could see that the cashiers are more impatient than the customers! It seems like they are planning to catch a train, but it just amazed Sarah that the Target cashier Ishmael Gilbert who was dealing with the lady was just so calm and patient with her! Sarah was just watching, and she couldn’t help but to share it!

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The guy was so patient that he was counting the change with the old lady! He was tenderly shaking her hands and telling her about the amount! He kept on saying to the old granny “yes ma’am” on everything she was telling him! Then the senior woman asked her that if she needs a reusable bag and to that, the cashier said that yes she does!



The cashier went over two lines to get the bag that the woman required; he brought it and then repackaged all the items for her! But there wasn’t even a single time when the cashier had a grin on his face, or he was huffing, rolling his eyes but all the time he was helping the old granny; he had this smile on her face, and with that, he was serving her!



She had no cash but only coins, and for that, she had to count again and again! The poor woman kept on apologizing to everyone for being so slow and not being quick enough, but the cashier said her to be calm and relax! She doesn’t have to worry, and she could count the coins as she wants! He was helping her count the coins one by one in her hands!

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And then Sarah witnessed something that she never thought she would in her life! She saw her little daughter who went from her to the granny and she was standing right next to her watching the entire scenario! The cashier was helping the lady, and the little kid was watching all of this! She was acknowledging that how people help each other without any selfish motives!

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When Sarah saw this, it touched her heart! She said that at that time, her daughter watching that act of kindness was something that she will never be able to teach her! But there she was, and she learned a lesson so pure and great that it will always be in her subconscious and would make her be a better person!

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The young man set a better example for the kids than any parent could ever! Sarah said that when she asked Gilbert about the kind treatment, he said that he was treating the woman in the same way he treats his grandmother! “She kept telling me she’s sorry, and I kept telling her ‘You’re fine,'” said Gilbert. The post has gone viral on the Internet!

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Here is the complete video where you can see the generous man helping the old lady with all the coins! It will surely leave a smile on your face! Don’t forget to SHARE it with people around you, so you can help spread generosity.

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