Designer From France Makes Unbelievable Dresses That Look Like They Are From Fairy Tales

Sylvie Facon is a fashion designer from France, who has high ambitions and is a passionate and perfectionist. She works mainly for women, and her collection is feminine and refined. She is famous for her dresses through which she exhibits the beauty of very ordinary things. She uses beautiful fabrics, and all of her work is in extreme detail, once you see one of her designer dress you’ll fall in love. We couldn’t leave her extravagant work unnoticed, and therefore combined some of her best dresses here.

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Some dresses are so beautiful that we call the fairytale dresses, but then there are dresses of such standards that we believe they have been created from a fairytale. That is how Sylvie Facon’s work is; it is a depiction of a fairytale. The French designer indeed does the traditional and classic dresses as well, like a wedding dress or black dresses, but the material she uses in all of them is unique. She makes use of original materials like rattan, porcelain and many more like this. It won’t be wrong to call her dresses a work of art.

By looking at her dresses you can tell that the French designer is inspired by nature, women’s figure and fairytales. Her dresses are sewed with gorgeous material and have a mindblowing attention to detail. Any of her dress on the catwalk can steal the show, and we believe it must have. All of her designs have very different themes, but one thing that is common amongst them is that they all are feminine and meticulous. One of her dresses is made of bookbinders and old book pages, another one is made of a violin and sheet music, and another most interesting one is in dedication to the architecture of an old French town.

This is a picture of a dress designed by her, and this is not just an ordinary dress, but it has been made from old books and bookbinders.  For this design, she worked with a famous costume designer Morgane E. Grosdemange, and together they made this incredible dress. If you look closely, you’ll see the amount of detail that has been given on the dress, also sewing old books and bookbinders together must have been a really hard job. The dress itself speaks about how much effort has been put into it.

This dress by Facon is said to be her most amazing work and has gained immense popularity across the world. This famous dress has been designed by her to represent a historic town in France called Arras. This steampunk inspired dress portrays the versatility of this French designer’s skills. The dress is decorated with pearls and lace, together exhibiting the beauty of French history and fashion. It features factual depictions of Arras’ art and architecture. When you look at the dress, it looks like a piece of fiction, but when you look closely, you discover that it’s all based on facts of Arras. On the chest are the facade inspired by the Flanders, that line its Baroque town square, on the hips is a series of gilded Medieval statues, The Angels of Saudemont, and on the shoulder, a symbolic sculpture from the town’s belfry, Lion of Arras, is placed.

Sylvie designed another dress which was inspired by a famous illustrators work, Didier Graffet. The 47 old illustrator has done remarkable work over the years and has won several awards. The dress in the picture below is an interpretation of one of his work which is based on a knight. That’s why you can see a Knight in the middle of the dress, holding a shiny armor.

Here is another beautiful dress, but the reason we have added it here is that of the extreme detail work that has been done on it. The dress is based on a floral theme, that is why the shoot has been done in a place full of flowers. The colors, the artwork, the fabric is all so beautiful that any girl who sets her eyes on this picture, would want to get this dress.

This dress has been made out of a real violin and music sheets. We don’t know how she did it, but wow she did a great job. We can not even imagine the hard work and time that she must have spent on this particular dress. We bet when the model must have worn this on the ramp, all of her hard work must have paid off as the audience must have been blown by this beauty. When we say her dresses are out of a fairy tale, we mean it because what she is creating in this world is not possible.

And not only does she make dresses like the ones we saw above, but she also makes other beautiful dresses which can be worn for parties, weddings, proms, etc. Here is a picture of her dress which can be perfect for any event you want to look beautiful at.

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Looking at her collection tells us that not only does she put effort in dresses which she wants to be out of the world, but her dedication is seen in every dress she has made, whether its for a customer or for a fashion show, her unique style of detail and use of beautiful materials is seen in all of them. This beautiful pink gown is so gorgeous that we can’t stop looking at it.

You all must have seen some wonderful and gorgeous dresses which would have made you fall in love with them at first look, but you’ll have to agree with us that this French designer’s collection is something extraordinary. Her dresses are a work of fiction, and they all look like a fairytale. She creates dresses from materials no one would even think about using, and then she does wonders with it. Her designs have left us speechless and in awe.

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Woman with a rare talent, who has taken over the fashion industry by storm. Her dresses make us want to feel like a princess again by wearing one of them. The comments on her collection come from all around the world, and people praise her and appreciate her work. We give a thumbs up to her creativity and hard work as well and would love to have one of her beautiful dresses.

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