This Scary Fish Pops Up From The Sea Shore To Scare The Shit Out Of Beach Lovers

We have seen so many movies till date which shows us that how weird and scary things could come out of the water and be the reason of our death! And yet we decline all this because you know ~WE ARE SO COOL~. But this creature which you are looking at right now is a nightmare which came to life for some beachgoers recently! Although it seems like a fish is possessed with an unholy demon!

Anyway, so recently there was a surfer championship going on the East Coast and things were very normal like they usually are! Some of the people were there to watch the surfers, and others were there just to relax and get themselves a good tan! But then something very unusual happened, and it freaked the hell out of everyone!

This weird looking creature was found to be peeking out from the sand! OMGGGG!!! So this one guy who was walking beside the beach like anyone would suddenly stumble on to something! He thought that it must be a sea shell or even a crab if you will! But he saw this ugly thing which was looking right at him from the sand!

Can you even imagine how scary and gross that would have been! It was something the poor guy never seen in his life which made him jump and tell everyone to come up and check out what is this! Everyone had the same reaction, but after some time they figured out that it was the weird and ugly looking northern stargazer!

It was a stargazer which has buried itself in the beach! Well, not because of it’s ugliness or anything, but they have a characteristic in them which makes them bury themselves in the sand of the beach so that they could catch their prey! It buries its entire body in the sand with its eyes and mouth popping out so whenever a prey comes; he could catch on it!

They are very odd and strange looking fish, and they aren’t even the slightest of the fishes that we knew of or that we usually eat! But there is one thing to be very clear is that these fishes are absolutely no harm to the human! Well, of course, you can get a reaction if you step on them because you just never know when they are hiding in the sand!

So I’m telling you guys that the next time you wanna step out on the beach, you might wanna be extremely careful because they will be hiding in the sand, looking for you. Kidding, they will be looking for their prey which can be insects or even fishes! But you don’t have to worry about them at all! Although the weirdness could freak you out!

The stargazers aren’t of that kind of creature who lives on the shore or anything, but they are the creature who lives deep down the bottom of the sea, and occasionally they come out from the deeps and just make themselves fit in the shore so they could get more prey! Well someone is ugly and greedy too!

They can be found in the depths of more than 120 feet down the sea! They are usually found on the East Coast of North Carolina and New York! “The northern stargazer has a blackish-brown body with white spots getting bigger from its head to its tail. It’s flattened body can grow to 22 inches in length.”

It has its mouth and its eyes on the top of its head! And three very dark horizontal lines appear on the tail of stargazer! The fish usually travels to the shore of the Sea during autumn, and it is the peak time when there are more chances of you to step on this weird looking fish!

The stargazer usually sucks its prey by the vacuum it has in its mouth! Usually, they eat tiny fishes and crabs and other crustaceans. But other than that if they find something tasty they will happily suck it in!

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