Woman With Botched Butt Implants Can’t Sit Because She Fears Her Butt Will Explode

Plastic surgery is the procedure of repairing or reconstructing body parts, by the transfer of tissue. It can be done for injury treatment or cosmetic reasons. Getting plastic surgery is a very personal decision for one to have, if someone wants to have it done to make feel better about themselves then no one gets to have a say in it. But before anyone goes under the knife they should know everything about the treatment, and it’s after effects, so you don’t end up like this woman.

Star Delguidice on this morning


This is Stacy Marie Delguidice, better known as Star Delguidice. She is a 30-year-old woman who has spent around $277,000 on plastic surgeries. The woman appeared on the show ‘This Morning’ after getting her latest surgery done, which is the butt implant, but now she is under severe trauma as she believes her butt is going to burst if she sits. The whole interview was quite awkward for both her and the hosts Eamonn and Ruth as she did not want to sit and stood the whole time while getting her interview done.

Star Delguidice on this morning


Star Delgiudice wants to be a model, so she keeps changing her features to look more and more beautiful. This time her mission was to look like Kim Kardashian, so she decided to increase her bottom size, but when things didn’t turn out how she thought they would, she now regrets spending a whopping amount of $20,800. While she was on the show, she looked terrified the whole time as she was scared that her butt will explode.

Star Delguidice this morning show


She claims that she is suffering from surgery PTSD, which is a shocking thing to come from a person who has got surgeries all their life. She now wants her bum implants removed and promises that she will bear the whole expensive herself, but just wants to get done with it. She told the hosts that she was very skinny before but had to gain weight for the procedure so the fat can be transferred to her butts. She said, “I gained three stone, and they transferred the fat onto my hips and my bum. I did want implants as well, but I didn’t realize they’d be that big.” What else did you think they were going to do Stacy?

Star Delgiudice surgery


She is completely dissatisfied with the way her butt now looks and is tired of not being able to sit down for long periods of time. She admits that she is scared her implants will explode and wants them to be removed. Because of the size of her implants and the fact they’ve been placed under her muscles, she says that rather than the standard six months she might need two years to recover.

Star Delguidice


While being on the show ‘This Morning,’ she bent down to show the camera and shock the viewers with her gigantic bum. She admitted that it looks good in dresses, but when she puts on a bikini it looks like a disaster, she said it’s very pointing sideways. As told by her, it was a 7-hour long surgery, and now she is suffering from post-traumatic stress and is also seeing a therapist for it.

Star Delguidice implants


Star Delguidice started having her surgeries around 12 years ago and have had more than 15 until now. She has had cheek implants, filler, eyeliner tattooed, lip liner tattooed; she has even tattooed her eyebrows. She has also had a nose job, which wasn’t so much success and as stated by her it gives her a hard time breathing. On the show, she said she is too embarrassed to talk about how many times she has been under the knife, but said that her butt implant operation has also affected her boob job causing her breasts to sag.

Star Delguidice nose job


On another interview a while back, when Star Delguidice was asked why she has had so many surgeries and plans to get more, she said it’s because of her past. The woman talked about her bad childhood; she belonged to a family of strict Jehovah’s Witnesses. When she was only 17, her mother dropped her off at a hostel with 20 bucks and told her she is on her own. Now she wants to change everything about herself which reminds her of her past, especially her features, so she doesn’t resemble her mother at all.

Star Delguidice eye brow tattooed


When host Eamonn asked Delguidice about how she feels now, she said, “I can be very naïve sometimes like many young ladies out there. I didn’t do much research on it. I’ve never been happy with the way I looked. I used to be a size zero, really skinny, and my bum was really flat. But I do really miss my bum before.”

Star Delguidice on this morning show


Back in 2016 in an interview Star, herself admitted that she is a plastic surgery addict, having a condition called body dysmorphia, but even then after that, she has got several surgeries done. She has a boyfriend who pays for most of her procedure, and when Star was asked how he feels about it, she said he likes it when she looks good but does not feel the necessity of her doing anything to her body as she is beautiful already.

Star Delguidice plastic surgery addict


After she appeared on the morning show, a lot of the viewers gave their comments. Most of them bashed her for being crazy; some made fun of her because she said she has PTSD, which is actually an irony coming from a person who has had more than 15 procedures in 12  years. Some concerned viewers commented that the whole plastic surgery culture is becoming frightening. After you see Star Delguidice talk about her butt implant, we bet you’ll be a little frightened too.

Star Delguidice surgeries


This whole story is a lesson for everyone, we all should accept ourselves and others around us for who they are and how they look. It’s way past time we bash people for their features or body shame an under or over-weight person. The day our society becomes more accepting, people like Star Delguidice will no more be seen.

Star Delguidice


Here’s Star Delguidice’s interview on This Morning. Hear her talk about why she felt the need to get so many plastic surgeries, and how much she regrets getting the last one. The 30-year-old woman also talks about getting the butt implant removed at her own expense and talks about getting therapy for her PTSD. You can see her standing during the whole show because Star is afraid if she’ll sit her butt will explode.

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