Shocking Scientific Facts That Are Totally Misleading

With each passing day, science is progressing rapidly and things that made sense earlier no more have any logic. There is a lot of stuff that we were told years ago, and we have been believing in them blindly because after all, our ancestors told them to us, explaining how they were scientifically correct. But the fact is that the advancement of science is making us question them such as whenever someone saw you cracking your knuckles, you were probably told that it would cause¬†arthritis, or your fingers will get demented, but the reality is that it doesn’t do any harm!

Stress is indeed harmful to our health because it gradually damages our nerves but you might have heard someone saying that it even has an impact on your blood pressure as it increases the blood pressure. However, the reality is that due to stress, your blood pressure may rise temporarily but it wouldn’t lead to hypertension like most of us thought it does.

Lightning is scary, isn’t it? But most of us were told that we shouldn’t be afraid of it because it never strikes the same spot twice. So, even if it fell right beside us, we used to be carefree after it because we knew that it wouldn’t strike the same area again. However, it turns out that what we were told wasn’t accurate as Roy Cleveland Sullivan; a park ranger was hit by the lightning seven times!

Science has progressed so much that human brain is no more mystery. The neurologists even know about the smallest of the complexities and from them we got to know that we are born with all of us brain already developed which means that there is no room for their regrowth. However, the latest researches show that our brain cells keep growing until we reach adulthood.

Those who love pets, they would know everything about them including the fact that your cats and dogs can only see the shades of gray. But guess what? The canines and felines can see not only gray but also blue and green. Some cats can even see red at times but with great difficulty.

All of us have studied science at some point in our lives and in those colorful science books, it was clearly written that water is an excellent conductor of electricity. However, the truth is that pure water does not conduct electricity well! In fact, the water that is contaminated with dirt and minerals has that capability, but that too is not that good since there is always a chance of getting an electric shock.

Most of us have tried balancing an egg at some point in our lives because it seems interesting, but we failed at it, and then someone told us that an egg only stands on its head while in the spring equinox, but that too is wrong. The truth is that if you are skilled enough then you can make an egg stand on its head whatsoever!

We have even heard that bats are blind which is not based on the reality. What we were told was that bats could only see using echolocation. But did you ever try checking it, rather than blindly believing it? Well, you must haven’t because, after all, we have been listening to it since centuries. However, the truth remains that bats are fully capable of seeing everything.

One of the false facts that we have heard includes that if you drop a penny from the top of the Empire State building, it is going to kill someone below. It’s surprising that a lot of people believed it to be true, but the thing is that the penny could reach a maximum speed of 50 miles-per-hour, but that does not mean that it’s going to kill anyone!

It was once said that humans contracted HIV by having $ex with monkeys, and that came from the monkey hunt for food which resulted in blood to blood contact which doesn’t make sense to science. We hope that this article was informative and that it cleared a lot of misconceptions! Don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around it to pass on the information!

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