Wife Brings Another Woman Into Her Marriage…WHAT They Three Have Done Is Crazy

Meet this family who has done something out of this world! Well, you must have heard of the saying that a woman could do anything, but she could never share her man with another woman! But this woman is just some exception because she has agreed that another woman could come and live with her and her husband not because her husband had feelings for her, but the woman herself was dating the other woman!

You all must have heard of the polyamorous relationship, but how many of us have seen people going with it! Ply-triad relationships have been still exercised by people but yes of course by a very few people because no one could be happy in such a complicated setup! Although this woman has changed it all and now she has welcomed another woman in her house!

Rose and Buddy have been married for five years, and they have beautiful three children of their own until one day, the thought stuck in Rose’s mind that she would include the woman Lauren that she used to date back, in her family again! This is just absolute madness you know! Because people you could imagine that how ugly that could get, and it could get confusing too!

There are two women and one man. They are completely in love with each other! The ply-triad family has welcomed two sons into their family, and both of the women have got pregnant by the husband, Buddy! The family lives in San Diego, California and the three of them will raise the boys together! Rose has spoken about her setup, and she said, “The biggest misconception is that we are sister wives, but we are all intimate with each other, all three of us have a relationship.”

Rose and Buddy were in a five-year marriage before they invited Lauren to come and join the family! They even had two sons who are at the age of five and three years! Rose was just very randomly surfing the social media when she came through Lauren’s profile! They started talking to each other until there was a point of realization in Rose’s life that Lauren still has feelings for her!

When Rose got to know that Lauren has to feel for her, she immediately told this to her husband, Buddy! She told him that she wants that Lauren also comes and start to live with them! And to which Buddy agreed and apparently he had no problem with the entire setup! The poly-triad couple has shared this extremely unique family experience with the show My Extraordinary Pregnancy.

When Buddy was asked that how he felt when Rose told her the entire thing! He said that he was very excited when he got to hear about everything and being a guy he was up for it and for having a threes0me! Then after buddy agreed to everything, the three of them started hanging out and knowing each other more! Buddy said that when they started hanging out he knew that it is going to work out for sure!

After some time, the three of them started to fall in love with each other, and that was the time when they decided that they will make it official! The three of them share a single bed, and they are very intimate with each other! Rose and Buddy’s son calls Lauren their mom too! Buddy said that bringing the kids into this situation was a little difficult because they didn’t know how the boys are going to react!

But now the boys are happier than ever! They have two moms, and both of them are cool with whom they have a lot of fun together! Lauren says that she is very happy now! She feels like she is more complete than she could with just a woman because now she has a woman and a man with her!

Rose is happy than she ever was because now she has her husband with her and even her first love in her life! Buddy also feels contempt with the situation! Rose jokingly said that it is also great to have extra help with the kids and the housework!

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