This Optical Illusion Makeup Tutorial Is Lit, And Everyone Is Talking About It

Th power of makeup can never be underestimated because a few colors and some great blending skills can transform the entire face. With the passage of time women are not only using makeup to look beautiful but also to look different. They would do things with makeup that you wouldn’t have ever imagined! And it all depends on the creative and artistic skills that one possesses. Today we have something very different to share with you, and we are sure that you will be stunned after having a look.

You must have looked at optical illusions that have the power to confuse your mind to such an extent that you will feel dizzy. These illusional images are so mind boggling, that you will fail to recognize the real image among all those visually similar ones. But what you might don’t know is that these illusions can also be created with the help of makeup and the result is so perfect that you will be shocked!

The lady starts with replicating her eyebrows through a makeup brush. The first eyebrow is connected with the right eyebrow, and another is touching the left one. She did this so that it looks like an illusion and confuses the person who sees it but since it’s just the beginning, so you never know how it’s going to look at the end. To find out, how it looks, keep reading the article.

The next step is the eyes that are the most complicated part, and the lady starts by drawing one in the middle of both of them so that it lies on the nose. Not only does she draw the eye perfectly but also does the eye makeup like the one that is done in her eyes. She then draws another eye on the extreme left, and when you have a look at those eyes, for a second you are going to get an impression as if she has four eyes!

Drawing the nose is not complicated because it just requires some shading and the job will be done. So, she shades multiple noses in line with her actual nose and trust me, when you see it you are going to admire her artistic skills. This lady is probably an artist because the way she does the job is remarkable. Her hands move in very accurate motions, and she is incredible at doing this.

Now it’s time for her to draw the lips because this whole look is going to be incomplete without the lips. So the lady uses the lipstick of the same shade as she used on her lips to draw some fake lips and to compliment the other features that she drew, the lipstick shade gets lighter as it goes towards the “fake” eye at the left. Very few people have the capability of being so skilled and perfect at this, and this woman is surely one of those.

When the lips are done, there were a few final touched required that make the illusional features look even more real, and by now, you must have been very impressed by her skills because even those who know amazing makeup techniques might not be able to try this one as it even requires some artistic skills.

After watching the result, you will surely need an aspirin because if you keep staring at her face for a minute or so, you will start feeling dizzy since the human brain is programmed that way. You might even doubt yourself for seeing her face that way! It’s crazy how the makeup artist does it within no time and with so much perfection! And she has practiced it so much that this tricky makeup is a piece of cake for her now.

The video that was posted on YouTube has over 900k views, and the viewers are all stunned. Some even said that they feel dizzy when they look at her face while some couldn’t stop themselves from praising her for the remarkable job. A user, “cutepolish” commented on the video saying that this is crazy, and she is extremely impressed. She expressed her love for the makeup artist too!

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