Canadian Woman Threw A Divorce Party To Her Friends

In the past, people have celebrated all kinds of occasions like birthdays, promotions, weddings but this Canadian woman took it to the next level by celebrating her divorce. What’s more peculiar is that she did it in her wedding dress!

Throughout the world, there has been a considerable amount of increase in divorce rates, and more and more people are left heartbroken each year. Last year, on 16th December, one of those hearts belonged to Nicole Neiser.

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Thirty-six years old Nicole Neisner from Saskatchewan, Canada hosted a “Divorce party” after her marriage of thirteen long years came to an end. Instead of taking a pessimistic approach to the sad event, Nicole decided to be positive and celebrate her new beginning.

The new divorcee came up with the idea of a divorce party after reading about celebrations online and mentioned it to a friend who immediately liked the idea and started the preparations for the party.

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Nicole was in for a surprise when one by one, all of her closest friend showed up at her house with gifts, wine, and food, all in their wedding dresses. The young women were all dressed up in their wedding gowns to support their friend through her divorce. Following the theme, Nicole went to her storage room, located her wedding dress and put it on. The rest of the day became one of the most memorable ones for her.

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The young mother of three said.

‘When I received a letter in the mail letting me know that I would be divorced as of December 16, 2017, it got me thinking, ‘How am I going to spend that day?’. I had three choices: live it like every other day, cry and be miserable all day, or celebrate a new beginning, a second chance.’

She chose the last one and told her friend about having the party, and that’s exactly when her friends started planning a beautiful yet surprising divorce party.

Divorce celebration in wedding gowns


The newly single told in an interview after her friends surprised her with the wedding gowns.

‘I had no idea that this was the plan, so I went into my storage room and dug my dress out. We all helped each other get dressed, danced around, took some pictures and reminisced about our weddings, children, families, and friends,’

With all the gesture of friendship, it looks like the friends have celebrated it well enough. The celebrated it just like it’s the last day of their life.

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According to the Canadian native, the evening with her friends was a positive one and that it did not certainly mean she was happy about the divorce.

‘Divorce is devastating, no matter what the reason is for it – it’s a very painful process. The party wasn’t celebrating the divorce necessarily, it was about friendship and supporting me starting my new chapter,’ Nicole said while speaking about her party.

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Eoanna Tatoulis, a longtime friend of Neiser, was also invited to the divorce party, who came to the party along with her camera. Eoanna is also recently separated, so she was dealing with her own personal sorrow at the time of the party. However, she decided to put her personal feelings aside and support her friend while taking amazing pictures at the gathering to save good memories of the day.

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Eoanna told in her interview that she was excited to go when she got the invitation to Nicole’s divorce party but her enthusiasm died when she heard that everyone at the party wanted to wear wedding dresses.

‘I just couldn’t do it due to recent life events. However, I still went. I arrived at the party upset and trying to fight back tears which failed. Wearing my wedding dress was not an option for me that day, so instead, I decided to take the photos and put my photography skills to good use to make some beautiful memories for us! I came there crying but ended up laughing, smiling and feeling so loved by such a great group of girls! We loved making positives out of negatives, even if the dresses didn’t zip up all the way anymore.’

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Eoanna decided to give good memories of the day for Nicole to keep, by taking lots of photos. She even gave the idea of mimicking a scene from the famous TV show ‘Friends.’ In the scene, three of the women protagonists were sitting on the couch in their wedding dresses drinking wine as a means to relieve themselves of their sadness of being single.

In the photographs, the women can be seen chilling on the couch with bottles of wine while drinking and having fun.

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According to Eoanna, a group of good friends can help a person through anything. The divorce party made her feel that she and Nicole will both make it past these bad times and will be alright. Their friendship also became stronger because of the divorce and the separation.

The party and the women helped Nicole get through a painful event, and the celebrations cheered her up. She is now happily stepping into another chapter of her life.

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