Mom Delivers A Baby Standing Right Outside The Hospital…

The entire period of pregnancy is a crucial time for a woman because of all the pain that she goes through. Not only her body changes but also her pattern of thinking because she knows that a little angel is inside her and she needs to take care of it. However, the time of delivery is what every mother dreads because it’s always painful and unpredictable and she has no idea how it’s going to be.

Hence, women are always very alert when the expected date of their delivery is approaching or when they start to feel as if the baby will arrive any day. So, what happens is that they start visiting the hospital frequently to find out if everything is normal and to make sure that the baby isn’t arriving anytime soon. But the thing is that everything happens so abruptly that the couple doesn’t even get the time to process anything.

Recently something happened that is not only shocking, but it will also seem scary to all those women who are about to be mothers. Jessica Stubbins lives in Scunthorpe and was pregnant. Like any other lady, Jessica was excited yet scared about the delivery and had made sure that everything was alright by visiting the hospital frequently.

But all of a sudden Jessica started feeling as if the baby was on its way; this is when she told her husband that she needs to go to the hospital. Tom, her husband, then took her to the hospital and when they reached, Jessica said that he should park the car while she gets in. So, while Tom was looking for a space to park the vehicle, Jessica passed through the set of doors at the entrance.

Everything was going normal until Jessica felt a twinge and her baby daughter arrived at that very instant without Jessica even getting a chance of going inside the hospital. Normally, if that happens to a woman, she is probably going to scream out loud and freak out, but from what we see in the CCTV footage recording, Jessica acted very calmly and dealt with the situation quite well.

By the time, Tom, who is butcher by profession, reached the spot where Jessica was, she had a baby in her hand, and the moment she saw him, she exclaimed that its a girl, I am sorry! Jessica was very excited about her baby, but she was guilty that Tom missed it.

The couple appeared on the ITV morning show in which they not only brought Lucy, the newly born girl but also her elder sister, Penny. Jessica narrated the entire incident and, she was trying to close the door quick when she realized that Lucy was on her way. She didn’t even get the time to get to the hospital, and the only option that she had was to deliver the baby right there.

The husband who was just a hundred feet away missed it and while they were laughing it off, Kate Garraway, the host of the show expressed her surprise by commenting that she cannot understand how Jessica didn’t even sit down and was so casual about the whole thing. At that comment, she laughed and said that she knew that the baby was coming, so there was no stopping at that point.

Soon, the nurses arrived and wrapped Lucy in a hoodie before they took the family inside the hospital. Jessica had visited the hospital the same day, but it was not until midnight that she realized that the baby was about to arrive. And one of the nurses, Gemma Hoeft who had seen the poor lady struggling at the entrance thought that the little girl is not going to make it. Because by the time she reached where Jessica was, Jessica was still stooping over, but it was after that Gemma saw a baby in Jessica’s arms that she had a sigh of relief.

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