Megan Fox Is Having A Baby, But Who’s The Dad?

Megan Fox happens to be one of the most beautiful woman who has ever walked on the face of this Earth. God has made her so perfect that none of us can help except to stare at her face. And as blessed she is with her looks, her kids obviously are going to get the same amazing looks. The mum inspired look will certainly be the best thing that her kids could have asked for, right?

Having already given birth to two amazing little cute angels, we believe Megan is now preparing to bring another angel in this world. We are saying it because of her baby bump; we all saw it during the Las Vegas Cinema Con event where she came for her film Mutant Ninja Turtles; Out of Shadows and you know what? This bump has caused a lot of buzz on the social media and why wouldn’t it? After all, it is such a big news.

As much as we are excited to welcome the new baby, our eagerness has been on the par with the excitement as we have been so far unable to determine who the father of the baby. As we all know she has parted her ways with the soon to be ex husband Brian Austin, we have been left wondering who actually the real father is.

There are certain names that have surfaced in the absence of the name of her ex husband. Names such as Jake Johnson, Shia Labeouf, James Franco, Seth Logan and some others have got the attention of the media as in those 8 months and even before, she could have had a hang bang, who knows what goes inside the Hollywood industry?

And you know what, who really cares who the father is as long as you are telling me that you are the one. It doesn’t really matter who put the bum in Megan’s oven; what matter is that the new baby is on the way and we hope that he or she is as beautiful as her mother because anything less will make him or her feel inferior to already great pair of siblings.

Having said all of this, I would really like someone we have not seen to be the father. I mean, wouldn’t it be something great and not only it will serve as a surprise but will also serve as an inspiration for young lads who are looking to make out with stars but have got no clue where to start from.

But do you realize, if that turns out to be the case, then Megan would have cheated on her lawful husband. It may sound quite normal to most of the people but with Hollywood status hoovering above them and so many people following, this is not the kind of model that should be set out by Megan; wouldn’t you agree?

Lastly, we can expect the kid to be on par with the siblings and hope that the kid remains with Megan and not with his anonymous dad because he or she would not want to miss out on living in a house where one of the most beautiful woman is found!

What do you think?