25 Kids Who Were Born With Cringing Disabilities

1. Nguyen Xuan Minh

His anomaly is this cone-shaped head which according to doctors has resulted from the Vietnam war. A potent chemical that Americans used to take over the countryside by damaging crops called “Agent Orange” has caused this. Absorbed by the soil and water, it contaminated both of these. All the future harvests were affected, and today this poor child is used to point at the people who destroyed his life. The quality of life there is low, and hence, these children have no chances of surgeries either.

Nguyen Xuan Minh


2. Lakshmi Tatma

Named after the Hindu Goddess of wealth, the girl was born with extra pairs of arms and legs. This situation had resulted because of a conjoined twin who did not live. She was lucky enough to receive surgery, and now she looks like a regular girl and is leading a healthy life. This surgery was performed at the age of two by 30 of India’s best surgeons and was 27 hours long. She dangled between life and death during that operation but made it in the end. The entire experience won her popularity, and she is famous across the country today.

lakshmi tatma


3. Chaz Weightman

Soon after his birth, this innocent child was diagnosed with Netherton Syndrome. This syndrome would cause his skin to look highly inflamed, dry and scaly. Chaz’s parents are regularly approached by strangers telling them how negligent they are of their child. Twice people reported them to the police, and they say that it is very humiliating for them. They already go through a lot and this sadly, just makes it worse for the family.

chaz weightman


4. Didier Montalvo

This Colombian boy was born with a mutation called Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which caused him to grow this turtle shell looking skin. His case was studied by a British surgeon who made him fly to the UK to get his help, according to him this was the worse case he had ever seen. The mole weighed 20 percent of his whole body weight. After the surgery, he is now no different than any healthy young boy and is today leading a healthy life.

Didier Montalvo


5. Verdant Joshi

This child’s right foot is abnormally big and weighs 5.4 kg, but he still moves around just fine with it. Not accepted by other children he could not even attend school. Several local and international doctors had checked him, but none could find a cure. Some suggested amputation, but his family likes to see him walk and run. Also, it would not make sense to get a limb causing no discomfort removed. The child has been getting customized shoes made from his father’s old jeans.

verdant joshi


6. Raphael Nadong

Raphael Jeremiah Nadong was born prematurely, and the doctors had troubles diagnosing what was wrong with him. He has a hole in his heart, respiratory problems, hearing loss, contracted fingers, abnormal brain functioning, choking, seizures, muscle problems, etc. He needs care every single second as he could stop breathing at any moment. From the moment he was born he has been on oxygen and has been fed through a pipe. His parents luckily are very supportive and say they would never give up on their baby.

rachel nadong


7. Charlie Stanbury

This little child suffers a bit too much due to a chromosomal disease called 17p 13.3p 13.2 duplication. It combines a heart murmur, asymmetric limbs, gigantism, enlarged kidneys and his parents never know what to expect next. He has got a squint in both his eyes. As he has grown older, a glue ear has evolved as well. The doctors have no idea how the disease will show itself as Charlie keeps growing older.

charlie stanbury


8. Aaron Murray

Aaron was born with hardly any brain in his head, and the doctors were scared that he might die the very day he was born. At the start of his life, he would have about 30 seizures every single day. But thanks to medical advancements he has been fitted with a device called shunt. The tool makes sure that the baby lives as healthy as possible. He has started being playful and happy, just how he should have been.

Aaron Murray


9. Sam Berns

Sam was born with a disorder called “Progeria,” and he was diagnosed when he was only 22 months old. He lived an extraordinary life while being one of the only 250 people in the world who suffer from it. It is a rapid aging disorder, and he claimed that it was a delighted life and raised awareness about the disease. This strong teenager participated in TEDx talks too and inspired many in his life. His parents founded Progeria Research Foundation to find a cure for the disease but lost their son at the age of 17.

sam berns


10. An Qi- Hypertrichosis

This Chinese boy has startled doctors with his rare condition. Born with the werewolf syndrome, he has hair growing on the right side of his face. The situation is worsening as he is getting older and his classmates have been bullying him for it. He lost his father as a baby, and his mother has epilepsy. He lives with his grandparents and has been offered a free surgery and help from a psychologist. Hopefully, the child will have his surgery at the Jilin Mingyi Plastic Surgery Hospital soon.

An Qi


11. Vanellope Hope Wilkins

The disease this baby girl had at the time of birth is called ectopia cordis, and one in 100,000 births suffer from this disease. There were complications in her delivery because her heart was outside of her body, and it took around 50 professionals to get the baby delivered. She underwent surgery soon after she was born. The cavity was smaller than the heart itself, and it took an effort to make space for it inside the chest. She has had two surgeries and has survived but still has troubles breathing. Her mother is glad that they kept her and took all possible chances.

vanellope wilkins


12. Angus Palmes

Affected by what affects only one in a seven billion, this child would always look and act like a toddler. It is a chromosome abnormality which does not let him grow any further. The British boy is 13-years-old and only 3 feet tall in this picture, with a weight around 2st and 2lbs. Taking 250 doses every single week he has managed to live for 13 years straight. He has been getting regular botox injections and has gone through various treatments. His family says he is a happy member of the family.

angus palmes


13. Mohammad Kaleem

He was unfortunate enough to win himself the title of having the world’s biggest hands. Not just that but he was born in an Indian village which treated him like a taboo. They did not admit him to a school and called him a “devil’s child.” But luckily he attracted a lot of media coverage, and as a result, doctors got interested in his case. He has had a free operation, and his parents are somewhat hopeful now.

Mohammad Kaleem


14. Milagros Carron

Milagros was born to this world with a fatal illness called sirenomelia. Right at the time of birth, her parents found out she would not live for too long. The disease causes the baby to develop one limb instead of two legs. It happens when the umbilical cord can only form one artery instead of two and that leaves a blood supply just for one limb. Affecting one in a million the illness could easily be called rare. Many other cases as such have been recorded with some living up to teenage years.

mermaid baby


15. Faith and Hope

Faith and Hope are one baby with two faces and two names for two sides. According to their mother, they are two people with two different personalities. They suffer from diprosopus which too is a rare medical condition. Sharing a single body, they have two different faces and brains. There are times one would sleep, and other would cry. The situation is rare, and hence there are not many treatments available out there because of that. For the very same reason, a cure has not been found yet either.

cpnjoined sisters


16. Deepak Kumar Paswan

Known as the Octo-boy, Deepak had legs and arms of his twin hanging from his torso. The village doctors told him that he did not have long to live and would not operate on him. The people were not very welcoming, and the children ridiculed him for how he looked. Luckily this very picture went viral, and the family was able to raise the needed funds. He had his surgery in the city of Bangalore, India and was a success. He has been living a healthy life ever since.

Deepak Kumar Paswan


17. Manar Maged

This Egyptian girl was born in 2004 and suffered a rare condition of an embryo splitting into the womb but never developing fully. She had the head of her to be twin joined over her head. This head could move lips and blink but not function on its own. When she was ten months, old doctors performed a surgery on her, but she kept getting infections. At the age of two, she died of a brain infection after being taken to the hospital for a fever.

manar maged


18. Baby Easton

He has had the butterfly disease or epidermolysis bullosa since the time of birth. His parents were expecting an average baby as they had no idea about anything. There was skin missing in some parts of his body, and some had blisters. The unusually severe cases survive not more than a year, but Easton’s condition has been under control.

baby easton


19. Tessa Evans

These pictures might look photoshopped, but they are not. Tessa is an arhinia sufferer which means that she was born without a nose. Though she can cough, sneeze and get a cold, she does not have any sinuses and resultantly has no sense of smell. She is recorded to be the first person to have had a new nose built from cosmetic surgery. The stretched skin will further help the new nose to be perfected. She will get her final nasal prosthetic when she is in her teenage.

Tessa Evans


20. Song Sheng

Doctors believe that this baby’s body is not capable of cooling itself. Not being able to sweat has caused this Chinese baby’s body to cause the skin to peel away instead. This, in turn, makes his skin covered with scales. His parents have to keep using ice on him and have reported him to be in a lot of pain all the time. Not having enough ice means that he would get a fever. The condition is caused mainly because he does not have enough pores on his skin and they have to keep him in baths of ice to cool him down.

song sheng


21. Charlotte Garside

She is one of the 200 children in the world suffering from primordial dwarfism. This happens when the baby is premature and never really recovers. She is 68 cm tall and weighs just a kg. The doctors forecasted that she would not be able to survive more than a year, but she defied them. The girl is small in size but is smart and has a great personality; her parents say that she has never stopped thriving.

smallest girl in the world


22. Kang Mengru

This swollen belly is not a tumor but rather her twin. Media exploited the situation and said that she was pregnant. She was in a case that is seen 1 in 500,000 births. The size of her belly was growing overnight, and her parents rushed her to a hospital. Red Cross raised funds for her £1,000 surgery, and after 10 hours long operation Kang was a healthy baby girl. Doctors claimed that her body would function fine and she could even have babies later in life.

Kang Megru


23. Jaspreet Singh Kalra

This man received a lot of media coverage as the “rubber man.” This young man can rotate his head at 180 degrees, his torso 180 degrees backward and both his arms more than 360 degrees. He is said to be one of the most flexible humans to have ever lived. A holder of four national and four world records, he started practicing yoga at the age of twelve and within a year found himself to be very flexible.

Jaspreet Singh Kalra


24. Kohan Grayson

His parents were expecting twin boys, but mother’s monochorionic pregnancy resulted in complications. Their son Kohan turned out to have three severe heart problems. He has mirrored organs, only half a heart and needs surgeries. They were given options that would have killed Kohan, but they decided to take every chance to get him to live, and the couple succeeded.

Kohan Grayson


25. Maryam Bibi

This little girl was born with a disease known as ichthyosis, which makes her skin unbelievably dry. At first, the doctors thought it was eczema but when it worsened they knew it was something big. She has to be moisturized almost 4 hours a day so that her skin does not flake. Her clothes have to be continually washed, and in the process, her family has broken two washing machines. Initially, it was very troublesome when random people would stare at her and her baby, but she has gotten used to it now.

mermaid baby


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