Juuling Is The Latest Craze Which Is Putting Schools In Chaos

A new trend has hit the market and has become popular amongst young teenagers. It is a popular electronic cigarette called Juul (pronounced jewel) and has left school officials in chaos after several students have been caught with it on the school premises. Schools are now educating parents and kids about the potential health risks of this e-cigarette. These have caught on fast with underage teens because they are easy to hide up in the sleeve and charges with the school laptops.

Juul e-cigarette


Juul is sleek, digital-like designed e-cigarette, which looks tiny pods. It consists of a long, slim vaporizer and disposable pods of nicotine juice. The pods come in flavors such as creme brulee, mango, creme, and cucumber. It charges on a laptop or other USB port. Some are calling it the iPhone of vapes because it functions exactly like any other vape has a sleek and minimalistic design, giving it a top-notch look. It works when the device heats the nicotine juice to create vapor, which is inhaled by the user.

Juul e-cigarette


Juul is a product of Pax Labs, a company founded in 2007 by two design graduates of Stanford University, James Monsees, and Adam Bowen. Both of the co-founders are smokers themselves and wanted to create an easy alternative to the cigarette. They aimed to help smokers eliminate tobacco cigarettes. Each pod carries the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes, but it gives users a strong, fast punch.

Juul e-cigarette shop


A starter kit of Juul is available in stores and online, for $49.99, this includes the device, a USB charger and four pods of different flavors. The product has been a great success and has taken the company by surprise. In just two years, this e-cig has accumulated 46.8 percent of the U.S. electronic cigarette market. When the company owners were asked to give their opinion on the situation of youngsters using their product, they said that their product is meant to target the adult smokers, but young teenagers are buying them is something they did not expect or wished for.

Juul e-cigarette kit


Vaping for adults is believed to be a healthier as compared to the tobacco cigarettes because instead of burning tobacco it releases carcinogens. But it still can’t be labeled as something safe, and when it comes to people underage, it is something profoundly dangerous. The reason behind this is because the brain of young teenagers is in a developing process making them vulnerable to addiction. So if they are exposed to nicotine, in any form, it can result in a long-term addition having negative impacts on the brain. Schools are trying their best to make sure no students carry this device, while at home parents are also advised to talk about this with their children and make them understand how harmful this device can be.

young kids smoking juul


Here is a video about this new e-cigarette, Juul, which tells us about how it has become insanely popular among the young teenagers of America, and what schools around the country are doing to prevent it. The video also shows concerned parents, who talk about the harm this new device is bringing on young children.

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