Trump Supporter Harassed And Abused Jeanne Heo At LA Metro

Violence isn’t something that is uncommon in places where you can find Donald Trump’s supporters. They are known for openly showing their hate towards immigrants and Americans with mixed ethnic origins.

A similar incident happened on 29 January 2018 when a Korean American woman was harassed and abused by a Trump supporter.

Trump supporter gets punched for racism


Jeanne Heo was traveling on the Los Angeles metro and going to a meeting that morning and was about to get some shut-eye during the journey when the man approached her. The man had a shaved head and was wearing sunglasses. She reported the complete incident on her Twitter.

trump supporter racist abuse


The man asked Jeanne if she was tired and that she looked sleepy, to which she did not reply. Even after ignoring him, the Trump supporter would not leave her alone and bombarded her with more questions regarding her nationality and ability to speak English. “Do you speak English? Are you American” he asked her.

Racist trump supporter


The man would not stop harassing her even after she got off the Metro at North Hollywood station, so Heo started filming him. To this, the man erupted with racist insults and abuses, and told her to “Go back to Asia.” Heo looked scary in the video, but the way she handled the situation is commendable. A bystander saved the day when he noticed the man’s unbelievably rude behavior towards Heo and punched him. The man replied in more racist insults as the bystander was a Black.

racist trump supporter


Jeanne Heo posted the video online later that day with the following caption.

“This guy approached me on the metro and asked if I was American if I spoke English. I replied yes and ignored him. When waiting outside, he approaches me again and asks where my genetics are from, if I’m from Korea. I ask him why do you wanna know and this happened.”

Immediately after she had posted the video on Twitter, she has received a lot of support from around the world including native Americans. One of the people who noticed this incident was Kaj-Erik Eriksen, a 38-years-old celebrity, and actor who responded back by saying that he did recognize the abusive guy as a member of his fitness club.

An hour later, Eriksen responded with another tweet saying that Jeanne’s video has made him quite upset and therefore he drove over to his gym 24 Hour Fitness in North Hollywood which is located nearby to the place where the video was filmed. Upon approaching, he had a word with an assistant manager who acknowledged this guy as a member of the gym. But much to his surprise, the assistant manager refused to terminate his gym membership.

A day later Kaj-Erik came with an update saying that he went to the gym again and spoke to the general manager namely Dan. His stance on the membership termination was the fact that because of the incident did not happen on their premises. Therefore, it wasn’t possible for 24 Hour Fitness to cancel the membership. But he exaggerated his comment by saying because the racist guy has made threats and abuse, so he can use that for terminating his membership.

Everyone who was following the thread on Twitter was surprised and appreciated his effort. One of the users with the handle name @dirtybitsxxx said, “Did you really do all that? Kudos for stepping up.”

Another user with the handle name @1NewDayRising gave negative remarks by saying that Kaj-Erik did everything just to seek attention from everyone who is following the thread, and nothing was actually done with good intentions. The user further said, “I hope your membership is revoked for the self-serving smear campaign you’re attempting against a 24hr fitness employee. Grow up.”

Heo is still thinking if getting the guy removed from the gym would bring justice to the incident. But she took it to Twitter to thank her mom by saying, “I’d like to thank my mom for berating me all my life for the tough skin to brush off being called ugly/flat face.”

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