THIS Girl Uses Snapchat To Tell Everyone About Her STD

It is now a trend that where ever you are and whatever you are doing, the world should know and so no matter what people are doing and how personal it all is, they always post it on their social media. Ask the people on your social media and they would know where you were a month ago at a particular time and if you can’t remember what did you have for dinner a night before, all you need to do is ask people on the Internet, and they would know.

Sharing stuff with people is good because it develops a connection between you and those who are around you; it is a way of effective communication. But unfortunately, we have crossed that point where it was just sharing; we are now moving towards over-sharing. Most of us do not even know what to share with the people you don’t even know and what should be kept confidential.

One of the applications that are a medium of over-sharing is Snapchat because it is all about pictures which are a matter of a click, so people keep others updated with what is happening in their life. However, certain people do not understand that not everything is meant for sharing and some things should be kept private rather than exposed in front of the whole world.

People take snaps of the most awkward moments of their life and let the world know how messed up they are. And one of the most common situations in which people have been caught taking a snap for Snapchat is when they have woken up in the morning and found an unknown boy/girl sleeping next to them, and they have no idea who that person is. In that case, rather than Snapchatting, you should let wake that person up and make them leave your house!

We belong to a time when the other person judges you according to what you share on your social media accounts which are why you shouldn’t be sharing every single detail of your life. Yes, connecting is important and keeping others updated too is also essential but how about restraining it to a limit?

Today, we have a story to share with you. You might understand what we are trying to explain to you after reading this precise incident. It will make you understand the extent to which people expose their personal life in front of others and how they do not respect their privacy. So, to find out about this incident, just keep reading the article.

Recently, an anonymous Snapchat user posted a photo of a medical document along with her crossed legs, telling all the guys who have slept with her in a month’s time to get themselves tested. You might be wondering that why would she do that so what happened was that after a medical test, she found out that she has STD.

The woman indeed shared a lot of information on Snapchat because that’s more like telling all the guys on her Snapchat that she has an STD, so they better stay away. It is not only inappropriate but also embarrassing to share such personal information, but we can also assume that she had good intentions and she wanted to warn others. In simple words, this lady had the guts to announce an embarrassing truth.

What none of us has thought is that any of those who have slept with her in the previous might just get himself tested for STD and who knows if he is the one who had it in the first place. We are aware that what she shared was highly inappropriate, but if you look at the other side of the picture, you will realize that it might even prove to be beneficial for someone.

This story has two lessons and not all of us understand them. First, all of us need to maintain a fine line between what we can share with everyone and what should be hidden behind the curtain. And second, it’s always important to look for the other side of the story because you never know if someone’s “inappropriate” action proves to be a blessing for another. Don’t forget to SHARE this story with the people around you!

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