Teenager Was Living With A 8-Inch Tail His Entire Life, What Doctors Did With It Is Amazing

It is common that all animals have tails; we don’t know the purpose of it, but they all do, and that’s one of the cutest things about them! There are different kinds of the tail that we see on every animal. Now you must be wondering that why am I talking about tails all of a sudden because this story has a TAIL in it!

So guys we have seen movies, or read stories where there were people who had tails on their body, right? So what if I tell you that there is a human who has been living with a tail for eighteen years of his life! You would say that this is some joke because humans don’t have tails although some do wish they had one, we don’t because that is just abnormal!

So this guy was born with a 7 inch tail on his back! The boy whose name is legally hidden had an 18-inch tail, and he was worshiped as a monkey god! The boy kept his tail for all his life as he was considered as a God sent to his people! And not only people favored him in his land, but he was known to be sent by the monkey god, and thus he was even worshiped by some people!

The tail, however, did him no good! It wasn’t like Kangaroos who have the support of their tail when they stand and fight! The Kangaroos balance their entire body weight on their tails whenever they are fighting! So their tail is super functional and provides them with a benefit of having it, although the guy wasn’t benefitting from the tail anyhow!

So he had this tail which provided no purpose in his life but still he was told by his parents to keep the tail as it was considered to be lucky! The condition that the boy was suffering from which ended up giving him the tail was medically known as neurodevelopment abnormality. The head doctor of the neurosurgery department said that it is the first time he has seen something like this!

The reasons which made the boy cut off his tail was that he was having severe back pains and that was affecting his everyday life! He was admitted to Super Specialty Hospital, in Nagpur, India, on September 29. Dr. Pramod said, “The boy was also suffering from an extreme psychological issue because the tail was growing so he always had to adjust the tail in his clothes when sitting.”

The doctor said that they even asked the boy’s parents that why didn’t they came up with this problem before and it could be considered as child abuse! He said that the family knew about his condition, but they didn’t do anything about it just because they were superstitious! And the tail that was causing so much trouble to the boy was considered as a good luck charm for him!

The family hid his condition for so many years until as of now when it started creating such problems! After the doctors had examined the boy and the abnormal growth of tail on his body, they decided to perform surgery to remove it! The surgery wasn’t complex, but since it involved a little part of the spinal cord, they had to be very cautious about it!

But fortunately, things took a turn to a good side and upon examination, it was found out that the tail had no bones or tissue in it, so it wasn’t much difficult to remove it from the body! The surgery went successful, and the tail was removed! The boy is extremely happy now! He has no problem sitting or sleeping, and he says that he is much confident now!

The doctor said that as the years passed the tail on the body was messing up with a bone in the back, and that is why the boy was having back pains! The boy says that finally the evil thing is off his back and now he can live a normal happy life!

Check out the complete video embedding of how the boy was living with a tail on his back and then how with a surgery he got it removed! Prepare to be astonished because who gets to see a man-tail every day!

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