10 Things Hulk Hogan Probably Regrets Today

There are some things that a person regret in their life but you know when you are Hulk Hogan the list just becomes never ending! Here are some of the things that the wrestler regrets like anything! Everyone can recall WrestleMania30 as it was one of the biggest events in wrestling! Hulk Hogan give an electrifying entry until he forgot that what building he was in!

Some of you might not know this, but there were two of the wrestlers in the industry who were known to be having very big egos! One of them was Shawn Michaels, and the other one was Hulk Hogan! And then they came in the ring to fight with each other! They had a deal in which one match would be won by Hogan; the next will be Shawn and then a rubber match! But instead Hogan backed out after the first one, and that gave Shawn a chance to mock Hogan!

Hogan has always been the man who has been blamed for putting a lot of wrestlers over during his entire career! He gave Ultimate Warrior a clean victory and then it was very obvious that Warrior becomes the face of the company! But he lacked those skills and wasn’t more of a champion! He gave the company a bad name!

It would be fair to call WrestleManias as the worst ones in wrestling! It was a very memorable moment when Yokozuna beat Bret Hart for the WWF Championship, but after a couple of minutes later Hogan beat Yoko for the title! And the thing which made the moment even cooler was Hogan had a black eye which he said was due to a ski-jet accident!

Now he isn’t the kind of man who has done financially well investments! He did make some great investments and also got some profits from it but he wasn’t the one who would look out for the future because he invested in opening a restaurant called Pastamania! The restaurant lasted only a year after the opening! It seemed like everyone loved pasta but not Hogan’s pasta for sure!

WCW come to a sloppy end, and the worst part was that the most disastrous segments of the WCW had the name of Hogans in it! WCW gave a lot of fame to Hulk, but at the end of the day, it became a joke for everyone to smack around and you know what guys, Hogan was the b*tt in it! Now you can certainly get where I’m taking you to!

But at least he did something good to WCW and what he did was to bring the glory that he got from working with TNA! He said that the only thing which made TNA stand out from the competition was the six sided rings! And when Bobby Roode was the one who was becoming the face of TNA, Hogan insulted him in live radio show!

He debuted as Thunderlips in Rocky 3 in the world of movies, and it was just the beginning for him and for the people who wanted to see this star on bigger screens! But it seemed like he wasn’t good in those acting skills if people could appreciate him it would have only been because of his cameo roles otherwise his clunky acting took him nowhere!

The worst thing that could happen to a wrestler was to get caught with steroids! And back in 1993, Vince McMahon came clean that he was providing steroids for the wrestler! During the entire trial, Hogan admitted that he did use steroids and the most stupid thing he did was admitted that he got the steroids for himself and it had nothing to do with Vince!

Some of you will remember this when in 1998 Hogan said that he would throw his bandana while running for the Presidential candidate! He even announced on a show that he is going to retire from being a wrestler and now will prepare to run for a Presidential candidate! But after some time it was revealed that the wrestler did it only as a publicity stunt, and nothing was real in that!

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