McDonald’s Refused Water To This Homeless Woman So This Guy Did Something Amazing

Well, there’s a universal rule for every restaurant out there, and that is to give a cup of water to anyone who asks! You don’t ask questions, but you just give the cup of water! It is surely a fact that if the restaurant wants, they can refuse to serve anyone, and that is a right! But then the restaurant can’t refuse a person who wants just a glass of water!

Except for the CEO of Nestle who doesn’t give you even a drop of water but anyone with a heart will never tell a person to buzz off if they are asking for nothing but just a cup of water! It will break your heart to hear that a homeless woman was denied a glass of water at McDonald’s! I can’t seem to understand that since when water became a luxury!

It was a fine Sunday morning and the guy named Jonathon Pengelly was out with his friends for a good and nice breakfast! He was standing in the queue so that he could place his order when all of a sudden he noticed a woman who asked the guy at the counter to give her a cup of water! The woman was standing right in front of Jonathon!

She said that she wants a hot cup of water, but then the most disgusting thing happened which completely broke Jonathon’s heart! The poor woman was refused to be given the water! I mean can you guys even imagine that the homeless woman was asking for a basic human need and that too from a ‘multi-billion pound company,’ to which she was turned down!

But that was something which just shocked Jonathon from the inside, and he couldn’t realize that he was experiencing all this! But he wasn’t the kind of guy who wouldn’t do anything. Instead, he took a step that any gentleman should have taken, and he offered to buy the lady a meal! When she heard that the man is buying her food, she was so happy and ordered herself a cheeseburger!

But Jonathon along with his friends wanted to do so much more, and they wanted to help her and people like her! So they bought food as much as they could carry and then they went with Polly who was leading them to her other friends who were also homeless! When the people saw those guys coming with food, they got so happy to see that they are going to eat well that day!

The guy was so generous that he even invited the homeless ladies to his home! The ladies showered there, brushed their teeth while Jonathon was in the kitchen making some delicious meals for them! The homeless ladies were at his house for more than just a day, and they bonded a lot over their stay until Jonathon found some good and cheap place for them to live!

Guys, there isn’t one thing which makes this guy amazingly attractive, apart from being a gentleman he loves to take shirtless selfies! So you know he’s a treat for the eyes and the heart too! Jonathon took a picture with Polly and captioned it, “The member of staff told her no. I don’t know what was going through their mind but a lady, clearly homeless was asking for a basic human right, and for a multi-billion pound company, for them to say no is disgusting!”

The guy said that when he asked the lady to order whatever she wants, she only ordered a simple cheeseburger! And the next thing he did was he sat on the card floor with her and cried his eyes out! It just made him so sad that people who are capable of doing things for such people, just laugh at them!

He said that if you see someone on the street don’t ever look down on them as they are already going through a lot! He has given his number to Polly and now she can talk to him anytime she wants! His post has been shared 35,000 times and people couldn’t stop but appreciating him! He has promised that Polly will never go hungry again!

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