Woman Sparks Anger On Island By Seducing A Rock In Thailand

A young female tourist has sparked a fire of anger on a holiday island in Thailand, by disrespecting a penis shaped rock. Now you would wonder why has this made people so furious, well it’s because that is no ordinary rock shaped like a genital, but Hin Ta is considered as something very sacred by the people of that island. It is believed to imbued with the spirit of an old man, and when you mess with someone’s belief, they ought to get furious about it.

Hin Ta rock in Thailand


The woman was a blonde, aged between 22-30, no further information has been received on the woman yet. Yesterday she was seen undressing next to the Hin Ta, or as some call it the Grandfather Rock, on the island of Koh Samui. She was rubbing herself against the 12ft high sacred rock, which was caught on a camera by a local bypasser. The reason why this woman is doing such a thing is not known, but we can only guess she must be doing this out of fun or as a bet made with her friends. There is also a possibility that she is extremely horny and can’t find a man to satisfy herself.

Hin Ta rock koh samui


The Hin Ta rock on the island of Koh Samui is found next to a smaller rock called the Hin Yai, the first one resembles the male genitalia and the second resembles the female genitalia. It is a tourist attraction and is accessible to everyone who visits the island, but because it is sacred to the people there, everyone is expected to respect the rocks and not mock anyone’s belief. Tourists visit and take pictures with it, but this woman crossed her limits by stripping naked and mocking the sacredness of the rock.

sacred hin ta rock


The belief of the locals is that an elderly couple once sailed to this island of Koh Samui, with the intention of proposing a marriage for their son, but a tragic incident took place, and their boat was capsized in a storm causing them to lose all the dowry they had made from working hard all their lives. They were afraid to return back with no penny in hand and believed they would be shamed, so instead of going back home, they jumped into the sea, and reborn as two male and female rocks on the island.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks in Thailand


This is not the first time a thing like this has happened. A lot of times in the past people have disrespected the Hin Tai rock by either climbing on it or by taking offensive pictures. Even though there are signs on the beach, which inform people about the history of the rock and warns them regarding any inappropriate behavior, but because of the phallic shape of the rock it regularly attracts pranksters.

Hin Ta rock tourist


In 2016 a tourist climbed on top of the rock and was photographed, the local authorities of the island launched a manhunt for the man who went rock climbing, but they were unsuccessful. Another year a model clicked a cheeky photo in front of the penis shaped rock, which made the locals and everyone who believed in the story of these rocks, crazy, and now this recent event has once again sparked that anger. The police on the island have said that they are investigating the matter, but because the woman’s face is not evident in the pictures, it is hard to find out anything about her.

Hin Ta rock thailand


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