Hilarious Cats Who Are Trying To Act Like Humans

A lot of people love having a cat at their home because the adorable creature keeps them entertained. A cat will be more like a family member to you, and it will keep you busy with its tantrums. When it’s hungry, you will have to fill the food bowl no matter how busy or tired you are and when it wants you to pet it, you will feel as if a little child needs your attention. Surprisingly, some cats start considering themselves as humans, and it’s hilarious!

The way this kitty is sitting on the sofa is exactly how we sit when we need to relax. It looks like, this cat has forgotten that who it is because the way it is sitting in front of the television, watching something is what a human would do on a regular Sunday. Somebody needs to tell it to be a cat and not a human.

Cats are known for their laziness because they hate moving around. If you have a cat at home, you would know that they sleep all day and would only wake up when they need food. It proves that they can never be humans because we have to get up and do stuff even if we don’t want to.

Even though cats are lazy but who said that they want to miss out on all the fun that awaits them? If we want some outing on a Sunday then cats too have all the right to freshen up. But at least they should know that they are cats and their way of relaxing must be different but it seems like this one doesn’t know it which is why it is on the bicycle with those shades on. Whatever the case is, it looks adorable.

Until today, we thought that only humans could play the piano while cats relax on their rug but this cat doesn’t agree, and so it took the challenge. The cute, little artist is so busy playing the piano that she doesn’t even care about anything else.

Humans like escaping from their issues and the best way that they can think of is drinking. Whenever they feel stressed out, they grab a glass and a bottle of wine to forget all the worries. Cats also have a lot to worry about, like they might not be getting their favorite food or a cat they like doesn’t like them back. So, the sad cat in this picture thought that if humans can gulp some wine to escape then why can’t it do the same?

When you are alone at home, and suddenly you start feeling hungry, you run towards the kitchen and start searching the cabinets to see if there are any snacks. But did you ever think that your cat might also feel hungry and is sick of having the same cat food every time? But it can’t tell you that verbally so this cat decided to help itself and search the cabinets if it can find something good to eat!

If you live alone at home, and you crave for someone’s presence when you get back from work every day, then a cat is the companion that you need. All it would need is a little training on how to be a human and then every day when you will enter home tired; this is what you will find your kitty doing.

Technology has advanced so much that you can expect anything to happen without being surprised and if you find your cat using your computer so rather than being surprised, praise the technology! And there is quite a possibility that the little kitty doesn’t want you to see the search history because it needs privacy too.

The next time you don’t have someone to click photographs of you, you might want to ask your cat because we are sure that it knows how to do the job! Looking at all these cats being so smart is funny, but it’s scary too because they might just take us over. However, for now just keep laughing and make others laugh too by giving this article a SHARE!

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