Hilarious Photos Of Cats Getting Stuck

Cats are just so adorable and cute; they know how to make you laugh with their cute kitty eyes and their mischievous acts! Usually, they are napping but when they aren’t, they do things that get them into major black holes! You must have heard the saying that curiosity kills the cat it puts them in trouble, and you must have also heard that cat has nine lives, and man they sure do!

So there are millions of times when we aren’t supposed to do certain things, but we are made to do things by others! Well, if you don’t believe me, have a look what this cat did to himself! But he is very clear about who made him do that and yes as always it was the dog which made the cat climb all the way up to the blinds!

Fat people may not be very happy about their size, but fat cats are the most adorable thing on earth! They are fluffy, and they are big which gives you more of them to cuddle with! But it looks like someone has a difficult time passing through the cat door because you know it is just so tiny! The next time someone will pass from the door it will be full-sized!

Christmas and funny cats have a long history of doing things together! And if you search for these two keywords on the Internet, you will find so many funny videos! But don’t you just hate it when you are just trying to decorate the Christmas tree and then all of a sudden they get stuck in there? I think we all could try to understand the pain of this furball!

Okay, I don’t know, but I guess that this cat is preparing for some messy sand storm which is on their way! And since the cat didn’t have anything near to cover himself up, he thought that it would be better if he gets a diaper stole from the baby’s room and then wraps it all around his face so that sand doesn’t get in his nose!

It is always very enticing for cats when they see something is stuck between the sofa cushion! It just makes them grab it because it is just so fun for them! But you know with all the catching and the enticing part, sometimes the lure is not worth it because when you are taking out something from the couch, you end up getting stuck in there!

Whenever you are getting a tree and climbing on something, you should always and I repeat always think first! Because having a plan is very important before you start jumping and climbing on the tree! But it is very clear that the cat isn’t much of a thinker, and he just climbed the tree without thinking much! And now he’s stuck….and now he needs to be rescued!

So most of the time, what do you do when you are stuck? Well, you just sit there and wait till someone comes and help you, right? But when you have been so tired from all the walking and jumping around the house, you end up sleeping in there! We can’t blame him because he is just taking a power nap and that’s it!

You know that things could go wrong if you aren’t in the right place at the right time! And this is the same case which goes for this kitty! She was searching for mice in the very wrong places, and we can’t say that she was there at the wrong time but yes we can certainly say that the cat was definitely at the wrong place!

So it’s not surprising that people usually find old letters or notes in glass bottles but this time, one man found a cat in the bottle! Well by looking at this cute creature, we can say that the founder must have been so amazed by finding this cute one! He would keep the bottle and the kitty for the rest of his life!

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