Cats Who Made Poor Decisions, #7 Is Hilarious..

Cats are adorable animals, and you would immediately start loving them for all the cute things that they would do. It’s almost impossible to ignore the little bundle of joy when it’s around you, jumping from one piece of furniture to another or sleeping peacefully in a cozy corner. Apart from being cute, they are intelligent too, and they would make their choices because no matter how much you love your cat, it still wants complete control over its life. However, not all the decisions made by a cat can be right, want to see some of them? Keep reading.

Some cats like to prove that they are not as lazy as others, and so you would often find them on an adventure like this cat who was up for a thrill. The kitty probably thought that the mat in the swimming pool is going to help it get out after it’s done with the thrill and for a second it forgot that being a cat, jumping in water is more like jumping in fire and now that it is in “fire”, it is looking out for a rescue with a dropped jaw.

You cannot keep a cat locked up inside because they are inquisitive by nature. However, they hate water and so you wouldn’t find a cat roaming around outside if it’s raining but this one probably wanted some fun or thought of experiencing rain but from the expression on its face, it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t a good idea.

From your closet to the highest possible cabinet, your cat can get anywhere because they can climb anywhere so you can’t stop them from doing so. Hence, using its superpower, this cat thought of getting to that window, but there was a blind in there so it couldn’t see outside. But since looking outside was a must, so it jumped to the window in such a way that it got through the blind and ended up like that.

If you bring something home, and your cat doesn’t investigate what it is then, it probably is sick because they just cannot resist investigating even when it’s pretty clear what it is. Like in this case, the cover of the plastic bottle crate was transparent, but this cat felt a need to check what is in there.

No, the cat is not hanging by its will up there, it’s the dog that the cat is hiding from. We are pretty sure that it must be praying for the dog to leave as soon as possible because hanging up there fo long is hard and if it falls on the dog, then it will be in great trouble.

Cats need to realize that they are not liquids that can fit in anywhere and they need to stop trying to get in places where they get trapped. Such as this cat, despite being smart the cat got in that jar and now it is stuck in there. Getting it out is going to be a tough job but for a second just look at its face, it seems like it’s cursing its self.

Poking your nose everywhere can be dangerous at times because you might end up with an injured nose after a green lizard bites it. The poor cat must have learned a lesson the hard way, and we are sure that from now on, it won’t roam around trying to scare other creatures!

The pipe looked attractive to the cat, and it probably thought of having some fun with it, but it seems like the kitty got too involved and ended up not only entangling the pipe but itself too. You wouldn’t have ever seen your cat so helpless as it looks in this image, it seems like, it’s trying to say, “Am I going to die here?”

Cats need to know that there are no hidden treasures in the spaces that are on a couch because their curious nature makes them end up in, “I am drowning, please help me” situation which is certainly a terrible situation that they regret. These situations were certainly hilarious, don’t forget to SHARE them with the people around you!

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