This Eight Week Old Baby Grew A Wicked Hairstyle

It takes years and years for an individual to build some image in this world, and let me tell you that people have wasted all their lives striving to become popular and famous! But this little guy who is just eight months old has gained so much popularity all around the social media that he has broken the internet! Look how cute he is looking right now!

So this handsome little guy got his fame on the Internet because of his beautiful hairstyle! He has some amazing hairs and now his mom has given him a hairstyle which has made him so famous! The baby has been named as Baby Bear because of his hair! He is carrying off this bouffant mane thing, and we just can’t help but be obsessed with it!

Chelsea Noon, the mother of three children says that she is now asked hundreds of questions about her baby’s hair! When she is walking on the street with the little one, she could see that people would stop and just look at the infant’s hair and would come and complement it! The little one has got so many people in shock that how he got to have this cool hairstyle on him!

The baby’s mother says that she is not surprised that the people all around have started to call her Baby Bear because he looks like a small little bear! In fact, the mother admits that her baby is more like a gremlin when he is cross! The adorable one with the bouffant hairdo was born with extremely thick hair! People said that with time the extra hair would fall off!

“He hasn’t lost any – there’s none in the cot, none in his little chair or the pram, it’s just growing, and it grows out not down, so it sticks up,” Chelsea said. The mom says that she feels so happy when everyone who gets to see the infant wants to take a double take because his hair is just unbelievable! But people you can imagine that how hard and tough it is for the mother to take care of the baby’s hair!

Chelsea says that usually, it would take her about 40 minutes to shop in Asda, but now after the little one, it takes her almost 2 hours to shop at Asda! Because she is stopped by everyone there, who sees the baby and just keep on getting amazed! They even ask the mom that how come the baby’s hair are just so thick!

Not just the people from around but even the doctors are so astonished over the growth of the baby’s hair because they have never seen a baby with such thick hair! When the baby was born, everyone was just so shocked that he has this much hair on his head because no newborn baby ever has this much hair! Chelsea is a former hairdresser, but she has no plans of chopping the little one’s hair anytime soon!

Chelsea says that she doesn’t want to cut her baby’s hair because she likes them a lot and she wants to know how far the baby’s hair would grow! She has no idea where all the hair is coming from, but she feels like the baby has a big ball of candy floss on his head! The little one’s older brothers love the baby’s hair so much, and they just love playing with them!

The mother says that she calls the kid, Baby Bear mostly but when he gets angry he just turns into a gremlin! Chelsea feels like the baby has already found a personality of his own! He got his ways of doing things when he wants to be picked he will start to cry a little and then when he will be picked, he will give that winning smile!

Chelsea says that her baby is the one who completes their family and now she doesn’t want to have any more children! The pregnancy experience was beautiful, but Chelsea recalls that the labor was horrible! She had to go through a lot of complications to take this handsome one out!

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