These White Dots On Your Fingernails Can Tell A Lot About Your Health

Nails are the part of your body which gets the least attention! There are very fewer people who give any attention to their nails or even care for them! But most people don’t give even a dollar to how their nails look because they think that it won’t tell you anything about your body or your health! Anyway so if you ever look at your nails, some of you might find some dots on your nails!

Well, it isn’t like that your nails are rotting or anything but yeah if you do find some white dots on your nail bed then be sure that there is something that your body wants you to know! It is like something is going on in your body and you don’t want it to happen! Well for most of the time white dots aren’t something alarming but sometimes they are!

Sometimes the dot that is present on the nail beds could be alarming you! And you know what it majorly depends on the pattern of the dots! These dots sometimes indicate a condition which requires medical help! Now the interesting part is that these white spots also have nicknames given to them by people and those are “ki$$es,” “wishes,” or even “gift spots.”

It is like many cultures and people have very different stories made up for these white dots! And these stories have been invented for a very long time! For instance, in German, you will get to hear that these white spots will tell about how long you live! And it isn’t like everyone has this same perception, but some people in the country think that people who lie a lot get these white spots!

Apart from the cute nicknames, the medical name for this condition is leukonychia. And if you think that these white spots would just come and go then you are wrong because they won’t go just like that, but they are very troublesome to go! And people who get so many manicures have a higher chance of getting these white spots on your nails!

So most of the people say that the white spots are just bruises on your nail beds! If you are someone who hit or pinch a lot, then there is a higher chance that you will get the spots on your nail bed! If you get them, they will be there and would not go away until a month! And now some of you might have heard that it is a nutritional deficiency which is also somewhat true!

The spots don’t just disappear, but they grow with the nails, and that is the reason why it takes a lot of time for them to go! But there are two types of the white spots, one of them are the benign ones, and the others are the bad ones! When the spots indicate something fishy, they usually appear in lines which are running across the nails!

The lines are also known as Muehrcke’s lines! So firstly these lines indicate that a person is suffering from malnutrition and the other thing that it could indicate is liver and kidney problem! And after that, there are nails called “half and half” nails which are white from the bottom but as they grow they start to turn into brown color! And these nails indicate that a person is suffering from kidney disease!

And after that, there are Terry Nails which are more white at the bottom! And the brown part is present only at the tip of the nail, and such nails could indicate that a person might have the risk of suffering from diabetes, HIV, and heart disease. Well, all these are just some alarming things which should make you go to a doctor if you are suffering from any such conditions!

Even if it is nothing there you will be sure about it so never hesitate to go to a doctor! And caring for your nail is also very important which you can do by eating healthy food and giving sufficient intake of vitamins to your body! If you’ve found this information helpful, don’t forget to SHARE it with your family and friends.

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