If Your Feet Look Like These That Means You Have THIS Type Of Personality

Well all of us know that people have different faces but have you ever looked down at feet of someone and came to the realization that everyone’s feet are different too! We usually judge people by feet, but here we are going to teach you how to know a person just by looking at their feet! It will be a magic superpower that no one will have!

Roman Feet

It has been long believing that the shape of your feet tells a lot about your personality so firstly coming to the Roman foot! Let me tell you that the Roman foot is the most common foot that everyone usually has! It means that you are very much of a social person, you are outgoing, and you have your charm game going strong! They are an excellent businessman and are always in the limelight!

Square Feet

Okay now coming to the square foot, this foot is commonly known as “peasant’s foot.” Now if you have this foot, it means that you are a very calm person! There’s nothing in your life that you do without thinking or calculating things! These people aren’t much of a flashy type, but they are somewhat reliable, and consistent too! I mean come on guys aren’t the straight toes telling you anything!

Greek Feet

So as you can very well see that in this foot, there is a peak going on in the second toe! So if people that you see or if you are the one who has this type of foot then, believe me, you are very enthusiastic! You have amazing motivational qualities that could motivate anyone to do something good and better in their life! You can get to see this foot type in a lot of public speakers, motivational speakers, and even athletes!

Elongated Feet

When you see people with this foot type you should know that their toes are squished! Their foot has a very long elongated thin appearance! Now those people who have been blessed with this one, are very secretive! They won’t tell you anything about their life, and everything will be their personal matter! Also, these kind of people are very impulsive, and their mood can change just like that!

Separate Toe

If you are the one that your toes stay too close to each other, then you are the one who likes everything to be planned in a proper manner! It isn’t like you are going to do work but you want to do work in a very structured manner! These people have to struggle hard when it comes to security and then when they find the ones they are looking for they make great companions!

Now this is the characteristic which was one of the things that we considered cool, doing in our childhood days! There were some who could do that and there were some who couldn’t do this! But with people with this characteristic thrive more towards change! The usual routine or way of doing things could bore them a lot! If something is going, in the same way, there’s a lot of chance they could get bored easily!

There are so many people who I have seen, and they have these teeny tiny toes on the side of their foot, these people are very rebellious, and they have their way of doing things! They aren’t the ones who could be controlled by anything but they will find their ways and will show you how things work their ways!

So people with this type of foot can very well convey their emotions! They aren’t the ones who would have any problem in talking about their feeling with you! They can have that deep talks session anytime with you! They are the ones who would excel at anything but by getting emotional detachment!

People with this type of foot are great planners! They know how to plan and would stick to it until they get it done! They are very much methodical, and they won’t do it right if you aren’t giving them much control over things!

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