11 Girls Hilarious Confessions About Their Boyfriend’s Crazy Ex

Not all relationships end smoothly and the ones that end in an unpleasant manner, do not end right there. Even after you have given the other person a clear message that you do not want them anymore, there is quite a possibility that they will keep following you and act crazy. Especially, in cases when the ex is a girl, she will never tolerate rejection and so you will find her doing stuff that you have never expected. Today, we have a few incidents narrated by the girlfriends that show how they have dealt with the crazy woman who belongs to the past.

Some ex-girlfriends are so crazy that they turn into creepy stalkers who would keep violating the privacy of the man who is not a part of their life anymore. They would climb all levels just to find out what is happening, even if it requires them to stalk the woman their ex is now with. However, what they don’t know is that there is a possibility of that woman being intelligent and she would make sure that you find out more than you should so that the curiosity within you does.

One should never under-estimate the woman who was once a part of their partner’s life because she can always try to make sure that the guy never moves on and if he does, it doesn’t last long. But to teach her a lesson, all it takes is a bright girlfriend who conveys a clear message to the crazy ex-girlfriend that her ex is leading a much better and happier life without her.

If you have run out of ideas on how to deal with your boyfriend’s ex, then this is one of the most hilarious yet smart ideas. Ex-girlfriends love creating drama where ever and whenever they can, and they would keep looking for an opportunity to act against you. However, the fact is that their obsession of harming you can be so great that they even lose their rational mind and attack in every way possible, not realizing that they might end up harming themselves.

This is beyond crazy! Why would an ex-girlfriend want a three$ome? Probably she still intends to fit in the picture no matter how weird it gets. And maybe she is so obsessed with the guy that she doesn’t mind you being a part of the deal. But hey girl, we have advice for you! Before things get even more complicated, either put an end to her drama or get yourself out of the creepy situation.

One of the most important tactics of defeating the enemy is that you should attack before he/she does. Especially when it comes to the crazy lady who was once in your partner’s life! You always need to beware of her because she can attack anytime.

You always need to be clear on what is important and what holds no significance. And what you need to know is that among the things that hold no importance, the crazy ex-girlfriend is at the top. You don’t need to worry about her because she is a part of the past now and so it is useless to waste any energy on thinking about what she says or does.

Among the things that an ex-girlfriend does when she finds out that her guy is with someone now, is that she will try all possible ways to damage your image in front of him. So, she will use her spying skills and look for evidence that makes you seem like a bad choice.

The best revenge is to show the ex that you are current and permanent. You can do that by giving her the proof that the guy loves you and wouldn’t leave you. Well, hickeys will work as good evidence because the moment she sees them, the jealousy will make her brain start boiling out of anger.

The ex-girlfriend always thinks that she can always move on and get married but the guy shouldn’t be with anyone else because she considers him as her property. She believes that she will be forgiven for her mistakes no matter what, however, what she doesn’t realize is that past is now a part of history now.

There is also a chance that your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend would try being friends with you to get back into the guy’s life but not every time you need to do something about it. You might even want to leave it to your partner, and if he is loyal to you, he will deal with it. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with all the ladies around you because you never know if someone ever needs to face such a situation.

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