Elon Musk Dad Had Child With Her Own Step Daughter

You all know Elon Musk, the South-African billionaire tech entrepreneur, and the Tesla Motors Chief, but what you don’t know is that his father Errol Musk has a baby with his stepdaughter. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true, and we are all as disappointed as Musk himself is. This act by Errol Musk has brought shame to the entire family, and most of his kids including Elon have stopped talking to their father.

Errol Musk


The 72-year-old Errol Musk is a millionaire and made his fortune through engineering. When asked about the situation of his baby with his stepdaughter, he said that it all happened in heat and was all part of God’s plan. His stepdaughter and mother of his 10-month-old son Eliot Rush, is Jana Bezuidenhout, a 30-year-old. According to Musk Senior, he never thought of Jana as a stepdaughter because she lived away from him most of her early years.

Jana Bezuidenhout


According to Errol, it was just a one-time thing with Jana, when she came over to his house one night after she broke up with her boyfriend and he threw him out of the house. He said that he was lonely since 20 years and Jana was in a vulnerable state too, so it all just happened in the heat of the moment. Two months later Errol learned that Jana is pregnant, but she wasn’t sure whose baby it is, so they got a paternal test which confirmed the baby was Errol’s.

Jana Bezuidenhout with her baby


Errol’s ex-wife, Heidi, the mother of Jana, accused him of bringing shame to the family. “He has caused an incredible amount of pain for his children and me and now brought shame on the family again. We are furious that he could make his stepchild pregnant. And that he blows it out for the world” she told the newspaper, “We have tried to get peace in our hearts, but he has now ruined everything.”

Jana and mother Heidi


When Errol Musk met Heide, she was a widow with three children of young ages, Jock junior, Jana and Harry. Her first husband had passed away in a car accident. Errol was also married before to the love of his High School, a model and socialite Maye Haldeman, with whom he had three children Elon, Kimbal and Tosca. Errol married Heide after his first divorce and helped raise her children; he has two daughters with her, Alexandra ‘Ali’ Musk and Asha ‘Rose’ Musk.

Elon Musk family


When Elon got to know about his father and step sister’s child, he went berserk and cut off his relationship with his father. In an interview, he said that he couldn’t believe his father would have a baby with a woman he has grown up with, his stepsister, the billionaire said this with tears rolling down his eyes. He further said that his father is a terrible and evil man who has done every possible evil thing. Errol Musk has admitted himself, that he has shot three intruders in South Africa, but said that was only for self-defense.

Elon Musk


Elon Musk is 42 years old and has a fortune of £20 billion. He is the founder of SpaceX and has launched a Tesla Car into space. But as they say, money can’t buy happiness. He has not talked to his father in 18 months and does not intend to do so in the future as well after this horrendous incident which took place in the family.

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