15 Embarrassing Airport Security Checks Ever

Airport security can violate your personal space, and there is not much you can do about it. Meet Jessica, trying to clear her security check at San Diego International Airport, flying from San Diego to Toronto. She seems normal at first, but the reaction shows that she was not expecting to be touched at her v-spot. Her face says “Oh no you did not!” and it is understandable.

embarrassing airport security check


Patting bodies is fine but sliding fingers and hands down passengers’ bodies, well that is tantamount to assault and harassment. We wonder if it is the bosom cancer that she is being inspected for. Because if she is not, which she obviously is not, this is a¬†horrendous violation. It must be awkward being touched like that and that too while being on camera and being seen by others.

extremely awkward airport security checks


There’s no debate in accepting that additional screening is a nightmare. You are generally touched so much in a security check that screening would feel like an assault. The sad part is that you cannot fly without clearing it. This young lady has almost been stripped naked. It is safe to say that going through this security check is just as scary as getting on a plane for a long flight itself.

hot airport security check


His face shows that he has realized there are people out there, worse than Dr. Evil. Behold! The TSA. He might be getting this special attention because he is a celebrity or maybe this man always wondered what his insides looked like while watching the movie. Sorry Verne Troyer but the rules are same for all, and we are sorry that he went so low, literally.

embarrassing airport security checks


Going to see your family, friends or on vacation can totally be ruined in mere seconds. No matter how good the journey is, you might still have it lingering in your memory how it started off. TSA’s job is to keep passengers safe on the flight but how about stripping them of their dignity right before it? We wonder if the security officer is more interested in what underwear brand this young man is wearing at the moment.

embarrassing security airport checks


The look on his face tells you well that he is not very happy about being touched like that. Bet he has traveled before and is not impressed by the new changes. One, he is elderly. Two, he is disabled. Having sticks in both his hands he tries to stand straight as the security officer is inappropriately touching him.

awkward airport security check moments


The looks on either of their face are not very pleasant. This elderly woman was not expecting to be harassed by a security officer before boarding a plane. It looks like they do not agree on something and we do not think the situation should be any different. It is like she is feeling her chest up and it must be very embarrassing with so many people around to be felt up like that. No matter how much they look into each other’s eyes, this would still be just as awkward.

inappropriate airport security search


Maybe it is the angle that makes it look so wrong. But it looks like what it looks like and what it looks like does not look right. The security officer is trying hard not to hurt the man with all his groin grabbing. But we cannot see the man who is being dealt with this situation. Being able to see the expressions of this man might have helped us understand better since this does not look like a normal inspection.

awkward security check


This young man from TSA is hustling to unbutton this gentleman’s pants. The look on the poor man’s face proves he cannot wait to get over with it. The logic is, the least you look like a terrorist the higher are the chances of you actually being one. Sorry old man, this is something a lot of people go through each day.

airport security search


We wonder how she felt when that man asked her to lift her top. Her grumpy face shows she would punch him if she could. He must have liked what he saw, and we cannot even begin to imagine what came next. She must be wondering where in her life she went so wrong to deserve this, and we wonder if TSA is ever ashamed after they suspect an innocent traveler and inspect them, deeply.

inappropriate airport security search


This is rather funny because what possibly could somebody be hiding in their hair? We did not even know hair checking was a thing. Maybe this lady was just jealous of how her hair looked and had to ruin it. Any woman would not be pleased about getting her hair ruined right before boarding a flight. But seeing everything with doubt is just a part of their job, and this TSA security officer looks proud that she is doing it right.

funny airport security checks


She seems too happy to give her clearance. It is nice to see somebody on the list who is not so upset about getting checked for drugs etc. What confuses us here is the reason for this smile. Apparently, she has not got so much attention in a long while. They both look so happy, and we feel like we are intruding on their moment. Lastly, it is like they have a spark, might have exchanged numbers to stay in touch.

awkward airport security checks


We are not sure what he did to deserve this treatment. Just because it was not embarrassing enough to be stripped naked, he had to be on camera while this happened to him. He just stands there naked, and that is a moment that might take longer than a lifetime to get over. They better have found something fishy after treating him like that.

airport awkward moments


That is probably what they are taught while getting trained to be in TSA. Here this security officer is on a knee waiting to see what this passenger has to offer. The poor man is seen awkwardly taking his pants down. Not able to look up out of shame. His white underwear is protecting some dignity he has left.

airport embarrassing security checks


To end the list, here is a picture both funny an awkward at its own level. As the man turns around the TSA officer behind him seems to be waving him goodbye. The man, on the other hand, cannot wait to get out of there and would not even look over his shoulder. Probably thinking in his head if he could sue this bald offender.

airport awkward security


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