9 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before You Miss Your Periods

Women who are just eagerly waiting for their baby to come are the best, and when they miss their period it is a good sign but missing your period doesn’t always mean that you are pregnant! There are just so many things which could be the reason for it! So before you jump on to conclusion and excitedly tell everyone about it just check for these signs which will indicate you are pregnant or not!

Hormonal Changes

So when a woman gets pregnant, there are hundreds of changes in her body! One of the changes also includes the hormonal change! Your body start to change, and it gets very different from what it used to be! Your body is facing fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. In fact when you get pregnant your progesterone level rises which will stop the bleeding process for you!

Morning Sickness

Nausea is one hell common sign of you being pregnant! But so many women misinterpret vomiting which they are getting due to over eating or spoiled food! The nauseous feeling refers to morning sickness which is very common in pregnancy! The vomiting is usually because it changes the hormones in the body and then it slows down the process of digestion! Many women face this even till the delivery date!

Thick White Discharge

Pregnancy is all about a woman’s body changing as it gets ready for this beautiful journey! There will be a white discharge which is because the pubic walls thicken when the woman is pregnant! And there is a growth from the inside which gives the discharge! And that discharge is quite noticeable for the pregnant woman! But don’t worry because it is completely normal in pregnancy!

Sore Brea$t

Now hormonal changes are cruel, and they make things to be completely different from what you are used to! When a woman is pregnant, they tend to feel that their brea$ts have become sore and tender! They are extremely sensitive and are a little bit painful sometimes! These are all hormonal changes showing you that you are pregnant! In fact, your brea$t size could also grow with time as your delivery date is coming near!


Cramps are also one of the things that you need to watch out when you are expecting a baby! And at the beginning of the pregnancy, the cramps won’t be extremely painful or anything of that sort, but the cramps would be most similar to period cramps! But many women get confused in it which you don’t have to, and it is better to get yourself checked by a doctor!


So your body will be telling you that you are carrying a child inside, and it will give you signals which will also include fatigue! You will get tired very easily; it will be like walking around the house for a bit, and you will be tired with that! That’s why it is suggested for pregnant women to take complete and good rest when they are expecting a baby because getting too much tired isn’t good for your body!


Constipation will be another thing because your body is changing! The digestion system of your body becomes extremely slow, and that’s why you will also experience morning sickness! But not just that but you will also experience constipation which isn’t much common because some women experience it, and some don’t! But in both the cases, the condition is completely normal! Consulting your doctor is the best idea!

Uterus Expansion

You will feel like your baby has tied a knot in your uterus which doesn’t let anything stay in there and you will have to go again and again to the washroom to urinate! So that’s not the case, but it happens because the expansion of uterus wall to let the baby develop and grow it gives less space to your urinary bladder to store urine and puts pressure on it!

Food Carving

And this is the most common symptom in pregnant women! Women develop cravings for a thing which they hated their entire life! They couldn’t even bear the smell of such things, but now they have to eat them because they are craving for it! The craving could wake you up in the middle of the night, and you will just need to have that thing!

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