Absolutely Private Photos Of Donald Trump You Have Never Seen Before

1. Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump

This is a picture of Donald Trump with Pamela Anderson on his side, which was taken on Trump’s 62nd birthday. Talk about birthday gifts right? At the same event she also unveiled a Bally Slot Machine at Trump Taj Mahal, the event got a lot of hype but not just because many models were there but because of the chemistry between Trump and Pamela, which is evident in the photo below. Later when Trump was running for president, Pamela was asked who she is going to vote, and she said she is supporting Hilary Clinton, and would not want to see Trump in the white house.

Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump


2. Trump & Ivanka

Once you are on the media radar, you are being photographed all the time, and that can lead to many embarrassing moments, and this picture is one example of that. This photo of Donal Trump and his daughter Ivanka was taken at an election campaign, while this surely is a dad hugging daughter moment but the candid makes it look different, it seems like Trump is grabbing and looking at his daughter in a creepy way. This picture went viral and has been one of the most embarrassing moments of the election campaign for Trump family.

Trump & Ivanka


3. Mr & Mrs. Trump and Heidi Klum

This picture goes back to 2008, where on a fashion label launch Heidi kissed trump alongside his wife, Melania Trump. The photo gained popularity, but it went viral during the elections when Trump made a nasty comment about Heidi saying she is not a 10 anymore. In response to which Heidi posted a video of her body saying she might not be a 10 but still is a 9.99. This started with a #Heiditrumpstrum hashtag which made Trump only more popular, and we all know that’s exactly what he wants.

trump melania and Heidi


4. Donald Trump and Miss USA 2009

Donald Trump owned the Miss USA pageant from 1996 to 2015, and when you own a show full of beautiful girls controversies become a part of your life. This picture of Trump and Kristen Dalton, Miss USA 2009 was captured when she won the pageant. The look Trump is giving her in these pictures speaks a lot about how he used to work things out in the show. There are a lot of rumors as well about how Kristen won the pageant by giving favors, but we sure don’t know how many are true.

trump with miss USA 2009


5. Young Ivanka Sitting on Daddy’s Lap

Trump is known to be a family man, he loves his wife and kids more than anything and puts them all on priority. Like all his children he also has a great relationship with his daughter Ivanka Trump, who supported her dad a lot during the presidential campaigns. This picture is from 1996 at a Beach Boys concert, where young Ivanka is seen sitting on daddy’s lap, which went viral during the elections and received a lot of negative comments by Trump haters. This got worse when Trump made a statement saying he wouldn’t mind dating his daughter.

Young Ivanka and Donald Trump


6. The President With His First Lady

There is one thing for sure that Melania Trumps is by far the most glamorous First Lady, but pictures like this just bring disgrace to her name and her husband’s because it leads to negative comments. Also, this picture of her laying down on a piano is not appreciated by the critics for obvious reasons. This picture got famous when Trump was running for president.

trump with melania exotic photo


7. Trump Being the Playboy

Here is a picture of Donald Trump, from when he attended the press party of the 40th anniversary of the Playboy magazine. You can tell from the photo that it’s an old picture, and you are right it’s from 1993. This was a press event, but we don’t know why Trump was holding his camera and clicking pictures of the models there, we believe this was for his entertainment. Who would have thought this guy would become the president of United States one day!

trump at the playboy press


8. Marla, Donald, and Roshumba

This photo was taken in 1996 at Atlantic Beach in Amagansett, NewYork when Trump and his then-wife Marla Maples were there to attend the Second Annual DISHES Pediatric AIDS Benefit program. On Trump’s right is his wife and on his left is a famous model Roshumba Williams. The trio is having a good laugh together but seems like Trump is the one having the most fun. The way he is looking at the model, even though his wife is next to him and grabbing her like that, tells a lot about the man’s character.

trump and roshumba


9. The Most Talked Marriage of 1993

Donald Trump and Marla Maples tied the knot in 1993, after being the lovebirds for a long time. Their wedding was the most talked about event of the year, and even an expensive one. The wedding took place at the Plaza Hotel, the bride wore a Carolina Herrera extremely expensive gown, and the vows were sealed with a 7.5 karat diamond engagement ring which would have cost around $250,000. Sadly the marriage didn’t go as expected and soon they got divorced, which was another episode even bigger than the wedding.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples wedding


10. Surrounded By a Bunch of Beauties

When you own the beauty pageant, you surely get the perks of it, and this picture looks more like Trump than the ones we see of him now in the white house. None of these women must have thought that the man they are clicking a picture with will become the president of the United States one day. We also doubt many of these beautiful girls would have voted for him after all the remarks he gave about women.

Donald Trump and beauty pageants


11. Alicia Machado With Mr. President

After seeing so many pictures of Trump with Miss USA, Miss World, etc., we are now sure that this guy has been famous among these beauties or maybe his richness and fame attracted them towards him. Here is a picture of Donald Trump with the 1996 Miss Universe, Venezuela’s Alicia Machado. The photo was taken at a fitness center in NewYork where she was caught kissing Trump during her daily fitness workout.

trump with miss USA 1996


12. Trump, Melania, and Victoria Silvstedt

This picture is from the year 2003, where Trump is posing with, his then girlfriend and now wife, Melania and Victoria Silvstedt who was the Playmate of the Year in 1997. Unlike others Victoria Silvstedt supported Trump during the elections, but not because of him but because she wanted to see Melania become the first lady.

Trump, Melania, and Victoria Silvstedt


13. Too Much PDA

Here is a picture of Donald Trump, taken back in 2004 at the Men’s Health Magazine Bash for the 50th Birthday. The woman next to him is his now wife, Melania Knauss. This picture went viral, as the two of them were caught making out in public. There is a probability that they must be doing something else, but this candid photo says an entirely different story.

trump making out with melania


14. Trump With Miss Universe 2012

This photo of Trump with Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, was the most talked about and we are sure Miss Olivia would have enjoyed all the popularity she was getting from this. It looks like Trump is trying to kiss the model, but she has turned her face elsewhere, we wonder if he tried to force it on her later.

Trump With Miss Universe 2012


15. Donald Trump as The Farmer’s Boy

Back in the years when Emmy Awards came up with ‘Emmy Idol,’ Trump came on the stage, dressed in Carhartt overalls and performed on the theme song of 60’s most beloved TV show Green Acres, alongside Megan Mullally, and to your knowledge, he won the award. If there has to be one of the most embarrassing pictures of Donald Trump, then it has to be this.

Trump at Emmy Awards as Farm boy


16. Trump With Another Playboy Model

The list of Donald Trump with Playboy models is a long one, and here is another one from 2001 during the Betsey Johnson Spring 2001 Fashion Show at Bryant Park in New York City. Here Trump is accompanied by a Playboy Bunny, who sure looks hot in that costume. We don’t know what they are talking about, but by Trump’s expressions, it feels like he is making a compliment which the model surely seems to like.

trump with playboy bunny


17. Trump With His Hooters

A president of the United States or any country as we say would never want such a picture of his to go around the Internet, but the current president of USA is different than any other. This photo was taken in 2007 at the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino, where he is posing with his two hooters, this photo surely speaks well about his colorful personality.

trump with his hooters


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