Did A Dog Jump In Front Of A Water Slide On Purpose? After Watching This We Think It Did!

Dogs are the most adorable creatures to have around us and most of us agree on that because not only do they love us but also they would make you feel their presence by doing stuff that will be hilarious and cute at the same time. Not only will they fetch you the car keys when you are getting late but they will also do the funniest of the things just to make you laugh when you are having a rough day.

These fun loving creature always want to have a good time because unlike what you think; they have the capability of getting bored just like we do. So, your dog would even play those silly pranks on you just for the sake of entertainment. Dogs would react to things spontaneously and even before you will realize what’s happening, they will be done with the stunt.

Water slides are always fun, and almost all of us love to sit on them, get carried away with the water and them land in a pool of water. The idea of it is quite thrilling, and it’s a part of an adventure. We go to water parks just to have water fun to beat the heat and to refresh ourselves. And the whole experience gets even more entertaining when our friends go with us because all of us then end up screaming and splashing water on each other.

But did you ever think that the animals around us, especially dogs might also want to have a bit of fun as well? They would also love to have some water adventure except getting a shower after every few days. But most of us have never really thought about the fact that those adorable creatures might also need some fun.

And since they can’t tell you themselves that they want to experience a water ride so naturally they would have to do something about it themselves. You might be wondering that what could a dog possibly do to get some thrill so, well a video was recently uploaded on the Internet where an adorable dog showed humans that dogs are even cooler than us!

It looked like as if a group of people was on a picnic on the lake side. What seemed like a water ride was a little plastic pool that was being used to take water slide in the narrow, sliding stream that was connected to a lake. The pool was coming at high speed due to the sliding stream, and the people who were sitting on it were excited to land in the lake.

And as it came near the lake, something unexpected yet hilarious happened. A black dog came running out of somewhere and hit the pool as a result of which it got carried with the pool and landed in the lake. Nobody had expected a dog to do such a thing because we never knew that dogs were into water rides but this one proved how adventurous he was.

From his gestures, it looked like he intended to do the same because the way he came towards the pool with so calculated timing, it showed how sharp and intelligent that incredible creature is. Probably, he was having a bad day, and he wanted to have some fun just like the humans around him, or maybe he just wanted to prove how cool he is.

We are sure that everyone around must be extremely impressed with the dog because very few animals are so spontaneous and sharp. Besides, we feel that the slide was not that entertaining until the dog jumped in and made them all laugh with his “coolness.” It looked like, he was planning to do it even before they got on the slide because the way he hit the little pool was fantastic.

We are sure that you want to watch the clip that shows the stunt by the dog so here it is. Watch this hilarious video and laugh a bit after having a rough day and don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you because nobody can dislike this few seconds entertaining session!

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