This Little Girl Who Lost Her Legs Has Granted An Amazing Disney World Dream Trip

Life is always a great struggle for all of us, and so many of us have forgotten how to be happy. However, some people have endured greater pain than all of us yet little things are enough to make them happy. Such people have dreams and wishes that are different from all of us because those dreams have the power to give them instant happiness when the rest of us keep looking for happiness in our long-term wishes.

Emberlyn is a little girl, and at her age, children run after butterflies and try to catch every possible thing they can run after. But unfortunately, Emberlyn wouldn’t be able to lead a life as normal as other people because she is suffering from Type 4 Caudal Regression Syndrome. In case you don’t know about it, this syndrome results in the spine stopping short of her lips because of which she had to lose both her legs some time after her birth.

The family couldn’t afford the treatment which is why this little princess never got a chance to live a normal life. Initially, Emberlyn’s legs were not attached to anything and because they had to be removed so attaching prosthetics has also proven to be difficult. Since a very young age, little Emberlyn had to face a lot of struggles.

Not only was her disease an obstacle for her in leading a normal life but also all the people around who would keep teasing her for something she had no fault in because she was born that way. However, all of us have someone who takes care of us and fights with people just for the sake of us and luckily, Emberlyn is also gifted with such a person.

For Emberlyn it is her older sister who has always been her guardian angel and has been protecting her from those who have been bullying her. Throughout Emberlyn’s tough journey, her sister has been holding her hands and supporting her through everything. Not only that but she has also been making efforts to make her younger sister happy, she even knew about Emberlyn’s greatest dream since the very beginning.

Elyna’s third birthday was Disney themed, and Emberlyn loved it since then! She wanted to visit Disneyland because the Disney characters greatly appealed her and she wanted to hang out with them. This little girl has an innocent wish but ironically, her parents have not been financially stable enough to fulfill this dream of hers. However, her sister always prayed for the day when Emberlyn gets a chance to live her dream.

After her birthday party, she kept saying that she wishes that her sister gets an opportunity to go to the Disneyland. While we are busy planning things that might make us happy in the years to come, this innocent girl only has a very simple desire, and despite all her struggles she wishes to live and to be happy, but she has not been lucky enough to get it fulfilled quickly.

Emberlyn’s parents had spent all their savings in getting her treatment done, and so they had no more money left to take her to Disneyland and make her meet all the characters. However, Chive Charities has been a blessing for the family as it has helped them fulfill Emberlyn’s dream. The organization raised about $53,000 for the Hemmer family but that amount wasn’t for the trip.

The amount raised through charity helped the Hemmer family buy a wheelchair accessible van that could assist the family to move the little girl because she couldn’t move and she needed a vehicle that could make mobility easy and convenient for her.

But that wasn’t it; another $33,000 were raised by the same charity organization to help the family got to Disneyland for a week. Not only did Emberlyn get a chance to meet her favorite Disney characters but she was even sent to a mini-shopping spree where she was gifted a lot of fantastic presents. We are sure that this was the most memorable trip that Emberlyn has ever had and thanks to all the people who donated to the cause. Don’t forget to SHARE the story with the people around you.

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