11 Creepy Worms That Feed On Your Body Without Mercy


These are the creepy crawlers who crawl on your body like no one’s watching and if you ever thought that your skin in the protective armor to keep you clean from them then you are mistaken! Tapeworm is one of the most common parasites that can be in your body! They are just so smart when it comes to size, in fact, many people have found that there were about tapeworms of 15 meters living in their digestive tract!

Dust Mites

So dust mites could live in your house without you knowing about them or could even cause anyone allergy as their microscopic fecal could easily get in your system! They don’t sound creepy, but when you see them under a microscope, you will be amazed! They can perfectly adapt to your body, but they won’t go under your skin! The dead skin of humans is their best meal!

Baby Squid

Squid are something which is always looking for a host and something that they could call their ‘home’! But the scary part is that squids could lay their eggs in the wrong places! The baby squid could form colonies and then they will fight to crawl and be in the water! There have been reports when people got to know that baby squids were living in their mouth! Eating raw seafood should be a big no-no!


Ticks can be extremely dangerous, and you have no idea about it! They aren’t just dangerous for your pets but also for you! They rely on living creatures to feed, and reproduce! Ticks will make a small hole on your body, and then they will suck the blood out from you, they have a long mouth which helps them to suck!

African Eye Worm

Okay, I don’t know whether the concept of this worm or the picture is scaring but is just so creepy! It is one of the creepiest crawlers in the world and commonly known as Loa Loa! They enter the human body to survive! They use some flies as a mean of their transportation! The picture isn’t genuine, but these worms could travel in the body and sometimes be visible in the eye!


Well for those of you who like to take a piss in the open air, please read this! This is a creepy crawler which can be found in some forest and especially the Amazon forests, and it has a hobby of inserting itself into the human urethra. The predator is attracted by the smell of the urine and it is so transparent that you can’t see it!

Head Lice

Well, now head lice are something which most of us can relate! Well, we can’t go through the life cycle of lice, but it surely takes some real effort to get rid of them once and for all! They suck out your blood, and they have an eating routine very similar to us, humans!


These are the ugly creatures and flies are responsible for them! “Maggots of a certain fly are used to remove from the human body dead or necrotic tissues, leaving the healthy parts unharmed.” Just so crazy I know!

Giant Roundworm

This crawler is a nightmare for anyone who lives in the city, and this one will scare you because this guy is an internal pet for people who live in poor tropical or sub-tropical areas! They could penetrate the skin and could enter into the bloodstream just like that! And once they are in the body they could get to liver, heart, and even lungs of a person!


Some people call botfly as the flying drone of death! Maggots are still babies, but botfly is the ones who will take the damage to the next level! The botfly could crawl under your skin and lay its eggs there! And then it will use your body temperature for the eggs to hatch!

Bed Bugs

Sometimes when you feel something is crawling while you are lying down, just know that it is bedbugs! They can be found almost anywhere! Well, there’s a saying, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

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