25 Extremely Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup

Those who are familiar with the power of makeup knows that it can do wonders anytime for anyone. But the most important thing is to apply the right amount of makeup at the right place. Have you ever wondered how these celebrities look without makeup? Check them out!

Katy Perry

Katy is famous not only for her songs but also for her fashion sense and makeup. It is hence not very surprising that her pictures without makeup will send you into shock. Nevertheless, her skin has a natural glow, and she looks way better without makeup than many on this list. All that she lacks can be put in the background because of the confidence she has to move around without it.

katty parry no makeup photo


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch beauty sent the entire world into awe of that beauty. It was not merely the role in the movie but also her modeling career that helped her win hearts of a million people across the globe. But sadly, those curves and that style are worthless when there is no makeup on her face. Maybe it is just her age at work, but you still would not recognize who you are looking at if she is not wearing any makeup.

pamela anderson no makeup photo


Katie Holmes

Here is a comparison of what Katie Holmes, the Dawson’s Creek girl look like without any cosmetic beautification. The former wife of Tom Cruise will shock you with her pictures without makeup. Though she does look adorable, she does not look like herself at all. That is a proof that she looks gorgeous regardless the situation and is a natural beauty.

katie holmes no makeup


Demi Lovato

The Disney child star, Demi Lovato made many children fall in love with her as soon as she got her chance. She is now both, a successful singer and an actress. Her stunning face comprises of healthy skin and a pretty set of eyes which saves her from the fear of going out completely barefaced. She made it to the list because it might shock you that she looks beautiful with or without makeup.

demi lovato without makeup


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, she is a food blogger, singer and an actress. All these jobs require a lot of effort and time management, and she perhaps does not get a lot of time to take care of herself. Though she has fitness and lifestyle blogs too, she is not afraid to look more like an average human rather than a celebrity. She is confident enough to show to the world that even celebrities have bad skin and hair days.

gwyneth paltrow without makeup


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has stopped wearing the heavy makeup that she used to and has recently gone to a softer shade side. But that does not mean that she has toned down the quantity of makeup she wears. And this shower selfie with no makeup at all gives an excellent reason for her not doing so. One cannot even understand how makeup could make her look like Cleopatra. Makeup is magical.

nicki minaj without makeup


AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne is a celebrity who gets zits and pimples. Under that perfect looking make up lies a problematic skin. This situation might shock you in a way that you always thought she was just another ideal celebrity. But in a way, it boosts the self-esteem of everybody out there who got rejected for how they looked.

annalynne mccord without makeup


Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is a celebrity about whom people wonder what lies beneath that makeup. His makeup is intense, and it is not a surprise that one simply does not realize that it is that same man without makeup. His makeup look is creepy enough to scare someone off, but funnily enough, his look without it is even creepier.

marilyn manson without makeup


Zoe Saldana

She has made a long way after playing Kit in Crossroads. She has won it all for herself after playing Britney Spears’ best friend on the show, and today people know her for her self. The girl from Avatar, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy. She does pull it off without makeup too and looks stunning in this 2016 photo she uploaded on her Instagram. You will be shocked to see how different and still pretty she looks barefaced.

zoe saldana without makeup


Khloe Kardashian

She happens to be the least active one of the siblings but is still just as famous. All thanks to her jewelry, clothing and perfume businesses. Khloe looks ravishing all dolled up, but even her face on its own is adorable. No wonder Lamar Odom married her only one month after they met for the first time.

khloe kardashian with no makeup


Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is somebody we have all been loving for years now. She is not just a fantastic actress but also a talented singer, and famous all around the globe. Makeup is adding a lot to her beauty, but she even looks just as lovely without it. Any woman at this age has to have a few imperfections, and J-Lo looks happy in her skin. Pulling off what she has very well.

jlo without makeup photo


Britney Spears

Here is a picture of Britney Spears our famous Disney child star without any makeup on her face. This pretty celebrity has had troubles with herself and all those around her. All you may now think about her could be that shaved head, but she has given some unforgettable hits. When you look at her, you miss her old version in a schoolgirl outfit, but yes she has grown up.

britney spears without makeup



Since she entered showbiz which was in the 80’s, Madonna has continually transformed. Since then it has been hard to see her in any public appearances without any makeup. When you look at the picture on the left, you would know why. Madonna posted her selfie at the end of 2017 saying that people do not recognize her without her make up.

madonna no makeup


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was seen in 2016 MTV music awards wearing no makeup and said that she was done trying to look perfect. She believed that her performance as a musician was getting affected by all those insecurities. She was obviously going to wear it, but this was a strong message that she conveyed at the award ceremony. Well, makeup on her face or not we find her and this message very beautiful.

alicia keys without makeup


Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough apart from being a stunner looks super fun, that is just a quality she possesses. Regardless of her abusive past, she has turned into this beautiful young lady. Julianne seems happy and makes you smile with that contagious smile. Makeup or no makeup she is just gorgeous. Dancing with the Stars would not be the same without her.

julianne hough without makeup


Lady Gaga

The world has always been extremely astonished by Lady Gaga’s style and her fashion sense. She is the woman who never hesitated to try some of the most challenging looks when it comes to makeup. But those of you who have seen the singer without makeup will agree with me here that she is so gorgeous even without makeup.

lady gaga in real life


Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with the Kardashians and surely it is not easy to do so. But the Kardashian family is known for transformations and even makeup because of Kylie being the lipstick and the eyeshadow queen. But when they come out of all the layers of foundation and the fake lashes they don’t look that much ugly. Well, maybe that could be because of the plastic surgeries.

celebrities without make up



If you look at the old pictures of Rihanna, you will realize that this woman doesn’t age at all. I mean it is like she has drunk some youth potion which will make her remain ageless, and just like she looks even more beautiful as the time is passing, the singer looks stunning even without a pinch of makeup. She is one hell of an inspiration for everyone.

Rihanna before vs after


Hilary Duff

So if you ever thought that no one could look this beautiful without makeup then just have a look at Hilary Duff who looks so gorgeous and pretty without makeup. She is there just in her casual style with her hair tied back and no lipstick or even mascara.

hilary duff


Mila Kunis

Okay, so Mila Kunis doesn’t look much pretty or beautiful without makeup on her face. She looks like she has been up partying all night and after a crazy hangout, she is just so not herself. But let’s just say that Mila must be going through a tough and hectic time which has made her look like this tired homeless person. But I bet Ashton could still find her so beautiful.

mila kunis



Well, I must say that Sofia looks like a different person without the makeup. You know they say that a person is just a pro in makeup when they look just opposite to what they look in actual with makeup, and yes that’s a bad thing, but if you look at it skills wise then it is certainly a good thing. Kudos to Sofia’s makeup artist.

sofia vergara


Anne Hathaway

There’s no denying that Anne just has the cutest face of all the celebrities. Her skin looks so fresh and glowing without any makeup. She seems like she has just taken a dip in the hot spring and now she is out on the street. She looks young as ever and just so much pretty and beautiful.

anne hathaway


Jennifer Lawrence

Her face seems so swollen up without all the contouring and the strobing on her face. She looks like she had a crazy night and she ate a lot. But apart from that, her skin looks so fresh and amazing. I don’t think you would say that she looks bad or ugly in any way.

celebrities without makeup 2015


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is just so hot, and she does look pretty decent even without makeup. It isn’t like you can’t recognize her without the makeup but yeah you can feel some difference when she has some layers on her face, but she still looks beautiful with the shine in her eyes.

kate hudson


Kate Moss

Kate Moss looks like she hasn’t got a good night sleep for ages. I don’t know why but she looks so beaten up. I don’t think so it will be unfair to say that she looks old and weary. Well, maybe because of all our lives, we have seen her super hot.

kate moss before vs after


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