11 Celebrities Who Have Random Russian Doppelgangers

Celebrities are always in the limelight and so from their personal life to their appearance, people know it all. However, there are times when you are in a public place, and you notice a person who looks exactly like a celebrity and the only thing that tells you that he isn’t the same person is that doppelganger’s appearance. For example, the person in the train was seen in Russia and his stark resemblance to the actor Vin Diesel from the movie, the Fast, and the Furious.

Doesn’t the lady on the right look like Scarlett Johansson? Some of you would even say that she is Scarlett without even thinking for a second but the fact is that this lady is her doppelganger in Russia. However, those who are still questioning if Scarlett has quit acting and singing, and decided to move to Russia, we hope you remember her song “Bizarre Love Triangle” that released a few days ago.

At times, it’s not the features that help us distinguish a celebrity from an ordinary person that resembles them but the sense of dressing. All the stars are known for their elite taste in dressing, and so if you see someone in a parrot-green suit, you wouldn’t mistake him as Bruce Willis no matter how much he looks like the celebrity.

Recently, the news featured a lot of gossip about Johnny Depp and his ex, Amber Heard that probably the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean decided to vanish and he ended up changing his appearance a bit before he hides somewhere in Russia. However, if you have noticed Jonny’s knuckles, you must know that he has tattoos on them which certainly makes us come to the realization that the man on the right is only a doppelganger.

The man on the right in the image will make you question for a second that does Hugh Jackman live somewhere in Russia? Because this man has a well-built body, his pants are similar to what Hugh wears, even the beard is the same, and the hair too have a resemblance. But what is Hugh doing on that bus? Did he go bankrupt?

President Obama remains under the spotlight all the time because after all he is the President of America and a person in such a prestigious position is nothing less than a celebrity. But why is he traveling on an ordinary transport? Probably the president wanted some time alone, and so he took a secret service.

We haven’t seen Milla Jovovich lately on the screen, and many people are wondering that where is she so for all those individuals who want to find out where this beauty is, she is in Russia! She decided to quit her acting career and settle in there but wait, why is she dressed like that? Perhaps Milla has a doppelganger too.

While you thought that no person in the world could be like Leonardo DiCaprio, we found an individual who looks exactly like him, but it looks like DiCapriosky (as we named him) drinks a bit too much which shows that he isn’t Leo.

Chris Hemsworth, who is an Australian-born actor has a twin brother living in Saint Petersburg. Well, we aren’t saying that it’s just that there is no other possible explanation for Chris to have a person look so much like him. Maybe he should try going to Saint Petersburg and meet his doppelganger because that is certainly going to be fun.

We call this man, Jack Nicholson but guess what? He has an entirely different name in Russia. It’s Dzhek Nikolson but what is he even doing there? As far as we know Jack belongs to America and he must be happy living there so maybe he is just taking a break and chilling in Russia!

Is Captain America on a mission in Russia? If you don’t believe us, look at the man on the right, and you will realize how much he resembles the star. It’s surprising how a random person, who isn’t even related to another in any way can look like him. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with the people around you!

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