25 Celebrities With Absolutely Cringing Deformities

1. Elizabeth Taylor

This British-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived suffered a mutation. Her very rare genetic mutation called “distichiasis” only added uniqueness to her good looks. This medical condition gave her an extra set of eyelashes which further enhanced her set of blue-violet eyes. The extra hairs grow on the wet part of the eyelid where a gland is supposed to be and can cause irritation when brush against the eye, doctors say that it can easily be taken care of with eye drops. This divine beauty has not been reported to have had any eye related troubles though.

elizabeth taylor hot photos


2. Nicholas James Vujicic

Suffering from Tetra-amelia syndrome this famous Australian motivational speaker was born without any limbs. He was bullied at school because of how his body looked and had problems socializing. But instead of letting it bring him down he changed lives of many others like him. There was a time when he considered drowning himself to get rid of the misery, but he stopped and never looked back. He is a devout Christian and claims that is what keeps him going. Today, his net worth is around $500 thousand.

Nick Vujicic


3. DJ Paul

People hardly know about his “baby arm” as he likes to call it. Due to a disease called Erb’s palsy, his right arm could never completely grow. But this deformity could not take away his talent, and he has fans across the world. His deformed arm does not get a lot of attention mainly because it is mostly covered, especially when he performs on stage. Today this DJ, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur have a net worth of $15 million.

dj paul outfit


4. James Durbin

This man’s rock performances were not affected in 2011’s American Idol even after suffering from both Tourette Syndrome and Asperger Syndrome. Today he is married with two children and says that his life could not be any better. He says that everyone is born different and his condition makes him capable of helping others with disabilities. He is the lead singer of the rock band Quiet Riot today, and his singing career did not stop after he stood fourth in the competition.

James Durbin


5. Gary Burghoff

The American actor has played many great roles, but his most iconic role is from the show M*A*S*H. Starring both in the movie and TV series M*A*S*H, Gary Burghoff started being known as Radar O’Reilly. But since he could not have been recruited in the army with an abnormality like his deformed left hand, the show hardly ever showed it. He was so fit for the character that he was given the role. He is one of the few characters most associated with the series.

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6. Megan Fox

This perfect celebrity is not so perfect after all and has a deformity that goes unnoticed. She suffers from brachydactyly type-D, which gives her ingrown, terrible thumbs, and by terrible we mean, thumbs that do not go with that pretty face. The phenomena are very common and luckily does not affect any other parts of the body. Also, she has never been seen ashamed of posing in pictures putting them beside her stunning face.

Megan fox with clubbed thumb


7. Harry Styles

A few might know that this young heartthrob has two sets of nipples instead of one. The pop star from the famous band one direction that everyone has been going crazy after has recently revealed his condition and is not ashamed of it. This medical condition is called polythelia and is more common than some may realize. There are more celebrities out there who have more than two nipples like, Zac Efron and Bill Paxton.

harry styles third nipple


8. Gemma Arterton

This British charmer was born with a disease called polydactyly which is also a very common disease affecting roughly one in every thousand. It basically produces extra toes or fingers or both. Gemma had an extra finger on each hand with no bones in them. They were floppy things hanging on the sides of her hands, and it runs in paternal side of her family. In an interview, she said her father and grandfather both had it. Her family removed it while she was just a kid, but she still has nerve endings in the area, which makes the area more sensitive than the usual skin.

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9. Gaten Matarazzo

Recently got famous by the blockbuster Netflix original series “Stranger Things,” he made his character Dustin actually happen. Partially because he has cleidocranial dysplasia since birth, so did his character on the show. It is a bone condition that affects almost every bone of the sufferer’s body but mainly the teeth and collar bones. The baby teeth keep on growing, and adult teeth do not come in, and the baby teeth do not fall out, which results in a lot of teeth.

gaten teeth dysplasia


10. Kesha

After revealing that she drank her own urine, the popular singer Kesha herself revealed a bizarre body fact about herself. According to her, she was born with a tail which was surgically removed in her childhood. She claims that she would have kept it if it was not done before she had a sense of anything. Some said that it was because your body is a manifestation of your soul and this satanist was obviously born with a tail.

kesha with tail


11. Taye Diggs

He too like Gemma Arterton was born with one extra finger on both his hands. His mother was asked if she would have liked to remove it and she obviously had the extras removed, and as a result, both extra fingers had been removed when he was a child. But he jokes about it, and as he revealed this, he said it could have been really handy.

taye diggs


12. Dan Aykroyd

We all know him from the movie Ghostbusters but what we do not know is about his abnormalities. He was born with Asperger’s and Tourette’s. Also, he has syndactyly which causes him to have one extra toe on each foot, webbed right over the other. One of his eyes is blue and the other green, this condition is known as heterochromia iridum.

dan aykroyd eye color


13. Seal

People know him for his beautiful voice and his trademark scars. There had been many rumors that the scarring on this singer’s face was caused by tribal rituals. But now it has been confirmed that this is due to a kind of lupus that affects only the skin above the neck. Called discoid lupus erythematosus this scarring results from sun exposure and if the medicine is not taken seriously. Seal has had a beautiful life and dates beautiful women which proves a skin deformity does not stop you.

seal face scars


14. Forest Whitaker

This producer, director, and actor has a hereditary condition called ptosis which makes the upper eyelid to droop. But he did not let it come between his work and has done some award-winning movies. He completed his studies on a football scholarship but changed his career after a severe back injury to singing. From there he turned in to an actor. As soon as he graduated from USC, he got his first role.

forest whitaker


15. Sylvester Stallone

His abnormality has not been caused naturally, but because of the injuries, he received while he was being borne. His mother suffered complications, and the doctors were forced to use two pairs of forceps which resulted in them damaging a facial nerve of the baby. The left side of his face is partially paralyzed including lip chin and tongue. But all this, in return, gave him his trademark look and speech. Today his net worth is somewhat around $400 million.

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16. Michael Berryman

This man turned his disability into his biggest strength and accepted bizarre roles. He suffers from hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. This disorder makes you have skin, hair, nails, and teeth related problems, also there are fewer sweat glands, and the head is small. Today he is a horror movie icon and has played a variety of roles in famous shows and movies. Like Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, My Science Project, Armed Response, Evil Spirits, Guyver, Highway to Heaven, etc.

Michael Berryman scary photos


17. Kate Bosworth

You must be wondering how could Superman’s love have an abnormality? But in reality, she’s suffering from heterochromia which has given her two different eye colors. One’s hazel green and the other a vivid blue. They both compliment her enchanting face and do not take even a speck of her magical beauty away. Though this abnormality is very common, it still makes her unique, and she has never been seen uncomfortable with her condition.

Kate Bosworth coloured eyes


18. Sanaa Lathan

She too was born with a clubbed thumb like Megan Fox. She has done some great movies, and people love her for her acting skills more than her looks. She has been a very smart student and has graduated from both Yale and University of California. She did not let this genetic trait called, brachydactyly take anything that she wanted away from her.

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19. Joanna Krupa

This Polish-American model has won herself millions of fans worldwide after appearing on a variety of reality TV shows. Her face and body have been featured on many popular magazine covers, but she too was born with a deformity. A third nipple, just like many others on the list. Just like almost all the others, she embraces it and sometimes even shows it off. She was confused at first and thought it was merely a mole, but her doctor has confirmed that it is an actual nipple.

Joanna krupa hot photos


20. Carrie Underwood

This singer and actress has been living a dream and not a life. Anyone would agree to this as after winning the American Idol she recorded albums that were the fastest to sell and then even won a Grammy. But she could not run away from a very common third nipple problem. Sadly, she is the only one on our list who did not love the gift and got it removed. Not just that, she does not even like to talk about it.

carrie underwood hot photos


21. Joaquin Phoenix

He is an all-rounder and an immensely talented soul. From acting, directing to making music there is nothing this man cannot do. He has won several awards like a Grammy and a Golden Globe and has been nominated for many Academy Awards. He has had a microform cleft lip since he was born and he never tried removing it.

Joaquin cleft lip


22. Jennifer Garner

People got to know her after her appearance in the movie “Dude where’s my car?”. She starred in a lot of movies after that, but people never noticed something was wrong with her toes. She suffers from a condition called brachymetatarsia which causes one of the fingers to be too short. She happens to have a pinky toe that overlaps the toe next to it. But it did not affect her, and she proudly shows off her feet.

jennifer toes



23. Gerard Butler

This Scottish Lawyer who won several hearts by becoming an actor has had a deformity too. It is not a surprise that we never noticed it because he himself did not until the year 2003. He shaved his head for his role in the movie Tomb Raider, and to his surprise, his left ear and right ear do not stick out the same way. It turns out that this was caused by a surgery he had as a child to take care of his hearing problem.

Gerard butler ears


24. Tilda Swinton

This Fashionista and performance artists always take everyone’s breath away. You may know her from “motherhood trilogy.” The white witch from The Chronicles of Narnia suffers from none other than the supernumerary nipple. And as you might have guessed it, she is very proud of it as well and has named her as her witch’s mark.

tilda swinton fashion


25. Peter Dinklage

Born with achondroplasia, he had a normal sized head but short limb. He wanted to establish his own theater company which did not work out. He worked office jobs to support himself and had troubles getting decent roles due to his condition but he never gave up, and then he finally got a role in Game of Thrones and his life was changed. Today he is one of the highest paid actors in the world and on the show.

Peter Dinklage midget


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