25 Most Shocking Celeb Weight Loss Transformations

1. Mariah Carey

Her pregnancy with her twins led her to put on 30 pounds and look like that. But she was fast to shed those extra pounds off using the Jenny system. This was because of her involvement with the American Heart Association and Jenny. She has wanted to educate the nation about the health risks lousy eating habits cause. The rate of diabetes and heart problems has been on the rise in America.

mariah carey weight


2. Charlize Theron

This woman put on 30 pounds in 2003. You will hardly recognize her as a prostitute and as a serial killer in the movie “Monster.” Eating doughnuts and her uncontrolled diet got her there. But even before the film had its premiere, she was right back to her original weight, which is usually around a size 8. Winning herself a Golden Globe for the best actress that same year for the role, she says that she is in love with her curves.

charlize theron weight


3. Holly Madison

Our very old Girls Next Door celeb was able to shed 19 pounds in 18 months. This shows us it is all about commitment and you could make what looks impossible happen. A low carbohydrate diet and yoga and pilates added to the usual work out routine did the magic.

holly madison weight transformation


4. Sara Rue

You probably remember this girl from “Rules of Engagement.” What you might not know is that she has struggled with weight gain issues all her life. But after she got engaged, she committed to changing her life. What she swears by is that it is all in your hands, to decide what you put into your own body.

sarah rue weight transformation


5. Tami Roman

Her body put up a lot of weight after she quit smoking. When the 5’9 beauty reached a good 185 pounds, she could not take it anymore. Yoga and weight loss supplements did it for her. She started working out for ten minutes a day and kept on extending the time duration. She is now more than forty pounds lighter than what she started off with.

tami roman weight transformation


6. Ricky Gervais

This man came into the spotlight by merely losing 20 pounds. It might sound very less, but it is impossible to ignore the visible difference in his body. He has gone from flab to fab. He claims that he achieved this by merely adopting a more active lifestyle. He says all he had to do was get off that couch and get going and so he did. Maybe little, but every day is a must.

ricky gervais weight transformation


7. Jason Alexander

Jason was not willing to exactly perform an extreme weight loss and only wanted to be a little healthier. Surprisingly, this man did get what he wanted, and this might be accounted as the very reason for his success. He achieved his transformation by cutting his caloric intake to a pretty extreme level. Going directly to 1500 from 4500 he added a strict workout plan. According to him, he did it quickly in six months.

jason alexander weight transformation


8. Drew Barrymore

She has lived almost all her entire life with media coverage and had finally let the secret out. She made the world see that for a healthy and long-lasting weight loss the most crucial step is to have a good lifestyle. The diet has to comprise of portion controlled meals that help you take in all and the only nutrition that your body needs. Her favorite exercises have been running and yoga.

drew barrymore weight transformation


9. Kelly Osbourne

Almost everyone is aware of her transformation, as it happened on Television. We saw her turn into something fab from flab on the show Dancing with the Stars. Bar method and Pilates is what she gives all the credit to, in addition to her dance routine. Her weight loss has hence been very healthy and makes complete sense. She says that she does not believe in crash diets anymore.

kelly osbourne weight transformation


10. Alec Baldwin

Shedding 30 pounds in four months is no joke. At the age 35, it might seem near to impossible even, but this man right here did it. What makes us happier is that it was done entirely in a healthy manner. After getting diagnosed by the diabetic, he gave up sugar and that according to his twitter was indeed a battle for him. Yoga happens to be his favorite part of the workout, and he has been willing to add more spinning and pilates to the regime.

alec baldwin weight transformation


11. Ricki Lake

Ricki transformed on the show Dancing with the Stars right before our eyes, and the change has been inspiring. She lost 20 pounds altogether and had managed to keep it off. Freshology, a food delivery service is what she credits for her success. Freshology provides her with 1400 calories per day. She says that she never restricted her calorie intake and it is all about the exercise. Healthy food is what a body needs and must get.

ricki lake weight transformation


12. Aretha Franklin

She says that she was not blind enough to see that she was a bit too fat. That was the only trigger she needed to work on it. A mesmerizing 85 pounds were shed off by this amazing woman. She started with stopping to eat food that was eventually going to harm her. When you start seeing what certain foods cause in the long run, you stop eating them.

aretha franklin weight transformation


13. Jordin Sparks

It was a shock for everyone as she showed off her new body at 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Weighing 50 pounds only she flaunted her new look on the red carpet, sending everyone in shock. She said that she was committed to her work out and diet plan and it was a daily thing. She had a hard time controlling her eating habits as she loves to eat, but her priorities were set right.

jordin sparks weight transformation


14. Rachel Frederickson

Dropping 155 pounds is not easy, and that is why the entire world was shocked by her transformation. We got it mainly because she was competing in NBC’s reality show, a weight loss competition. Her new 105-pound body was appreciated by all of her viewers when she revealed it on the show. Rachel said that she could not have been more proud of how healthy she had gotten and how she had worked hard for it.

rachel frederickson weight transformation


15. Jason Sudeikis

This man gives all the credit to Olivia Wilde (the woman he is currently dating). He says having her as a partner in life has helped him achieve this. Be it in bed or at the gym; he has got the best partner in the world. According to several interviews with Olivia too, they have an excellent life together. The results seen in the picture would make you believe they are not lying.

jason sudeikis weight transformation


16. Jennifer Hudson

When you saw Jennifer Hudson for the first, and that is on the third season of American Idol, she looked nothing like she does now. She wasn’t the slim girl that we see on television, but she was very curvy. After the murder of her mother, brother, and nephew by her brother in law in 2008, she became very outspoken and then she started to work on herself. But she admits that she won’t give up chocolate for the world.

jennifer hudson weight transformation


17. Christina Aguilera

So everyone knows that the singer had her ups and down when it comes to her weight transformation. She shared with the world that her weight gain was the result of her love for fast food. But now she has managed to lose over fifty pounds by eating healthy portions of the right combination of carbs, protein, and fats and it is amazing.

christina aguilera weight transformation


18. Kim Kardashian

If we talk about motivation when it comes to Kim Kardashian, it will always be her weight loss. She was so huge when she was about to give birth to North, but soon after giving birth, she showed drastic weight transformation. Kim has always been very conscious about her appearance, and with media criticizing her, it wasn’t easy for her, but she did it.

kim kardashian weight loss transformation


19. Kirstie Alley

If Alley doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. She has been a huge motivation for all those who want to lose weight because between 2010 and 2011 she lost 100 lbs. But after that, she just failed to maintain herself and took help from a nutritionist who helped her in making supplement diet and as well as daily bike rides.

kristie alley weight transformation


20. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is the one who shed 40 pounds. It was reported that the actor ate two egg whites, some chicken, two diet cokes and a small pudding every day and then stopped working out. He even told Ellen DeGeneres that he bought a small spoon for the pudding.

mathew mcconaughey weight transformation


21. Nicole Richie

This actress reached to her fame when she got starred in The Simple Life in 2003. If you have seen the show, you will remember this woman as being curvy and huge, but soon after some time, she started to lose weight. When her picture came out where she was running on the beach, the world was shocked to see her skinny.

nicole richie weight transformation


22. Randy Jackson

The judge from American Idol was suffering from chronic obesity, but after some time, he was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes in 2003 and opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, a small portion was created in the stomach to curb food intake and even to energize weight loss efforts. But even then Jackson had to stick to a very strict diet and do exercise.

randy jackson weight transformation


23. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Believe it or not but Snooki used to look like this. She had admitted that she suffered from anorexia when she was in high school. She gained a lot of weight when she was very young, and that was major because she used to drink a lot every night. She was truly a party person, and most of her weight gain was due to eating a lot. But then she started doing high-interval plyometric and cardio training.

nicole snooki polizzi weight transformation


24. Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold was an alcohol and drug addict, and also loved food; he used to eat a lot which was the major cause for his weight gain. But after the birth of his two sons, he thought that it is the time that he starts taking his life more seriously. He began to eat healthily, track calories and even went on twice-daily workouts.

tom arnold weight transformation


25. Jonah Hill

Back in 2011, Brad Pitt urged Jonah to lose his weight for the role in the film Moneyball and for his health too. Jonah has always been a big fan of beer, but since he was on a mission to lose weight, he had to cut back a lot on the beverages. He then started a high protein, low carb regime and it was just so useful for him that it didn’t even only make him lose weight but also solved his breathing issues.

jonah hill weight transformation


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