10 Celeb Moms Who’ve Shared Their Nursing Photos

Lately, women are sharing pictures of themselves, brea$tfeeding their babies have created quite a spun on the Internet! But nothing stops the ladies from showing the world what is natural! It has become a trend on majorly Instagram where mothers are sharing pictures of their babies while they are nursing them! And now so many celebrities have also started sharing the pictures in which they are brea$tfeeding their babies!

Alyssa Milano

She shared a picture with her three months old baby girl in which the actress is doing the most natural thing in the world! The actress has spoken about nursing her kids, and she feels that it is a wonderful experience! She loves being a mom and has shared so many pictures of herself with her little daughter!


This picture was taken when Pink was getting ready for an album shoot, but she had her newborn baby with her and of course, she couldn’t leave the baby hungry, so she nursed the baby during the shoot! She shared this picture with her fans on her Twitter account by saying, “Lunchtime at my album photoshoot. Deborah Anderson takes some party pictures :)” her daughter name is Willow, and she loves being a mommy!

Gwen Stefani

Well, can we take just a minute to admire the beauty of this place! With the high mountains and the greenery all around, Gwen is certainly living a dream with her baby! It seems like she is on a vacation with her five-month-old Apollo Rossdale, in Switzerland! She posted this picture on her social media account to share this precious moment with her fans! Well, certainly it is a beautiful moment!

Angelina Jolie

It is one of the other memories that we get to cherish of our beloved Brangelina! This picture was taken by Brad Pitt when Jolie gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. They both took so many pictures of themselves with the baby and then it were published on the cover magazine! Angelina says that she was in a very emotional place and nursing her babies was very special to her!

Mayim Bialik

Now most of you will know because Mayim Bialik is the one who has been very vocal and public about brea$tfeeding! You can more or less call her an advocate for that! She has captured this picture while she was nursing her 3-year-old son in the subway! She has written quite a lot things about nursing a baby and how it develops the health of kids!

Gisele Bündchen

Now I won’t believe if you say that you hadn’t seen this picture because it was the one who just broke the Internet when the actress posted it on her Instagram account! So the supermodel was getting ready for her shot as you can see that she is getting groomed from her hair to her fingertips but that didn’t stop her from taking a moment and nurse her child!

Miranda Kerr

So for this supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, it was just another day at the office while she was working! But does that puts her off from the motherly duties, we don’t think so! Because in all of the work she got to sit with the baby and nurse the baby! She posted this picture with the caption another day at work!

Doutzen Kroes

When Doutzen Kroes gave birth to her baby Phyllon, she was just so excited that she entered the world of motherhood! She is a working mom and it is not easy for her to manage but she is the one who always balances her life for the kid, and she posted this picture saying that she just loves nursing her baby boy!

Jaime King

Jamie King is a proud mother she loves nursing her child! She posted this sweet picture on her Instagram and in return she received such appreciation and love from all around the world! She shared with her fans this mommy-son moment and told everyone that her son is now eight months old! She says that these are the moment’s mother lives for! She has been a speaker for not making brea$tfeeding a taboo!

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