Walmart Employees Who Just Didn’t Care, #6 Is So Hilarious

Walmart is one of the most popular supermarkets not only because it is the leading store with the most competent prices but also because of the element of weirdness that these stores have. Whether it is the products, the attitude of the employees or the environment of the stores in general, you will notice that there is weirdness all around. And today we have some of the hilarious yet weird things that the employees just didn’t care about. Want to have a good laugh? Keep reading the article.

Every store always brags about its products and displays them as the best stuff that you will ever get because it is their marketing policy. Even if you see a defect in a product, they will make sure that either you don’t notice it, or they portray as “fashion.” However, it is only Walmart where you will see sweaters labeled as “ugly” which is weird, but it will draw your attention towards them.

Everyone around is crazy for getting stuff from a sale because after all who doesn’t want to save money? And keeping this in mind, all the stores attract the customers by putting up sales and appealing discounts. But Walmart has always proven itself unique, so rather than giving a discount, they tripled the prices for a day. That’s the height of being weird! Do they even want to sell their products?

Little girls love playing with Barbie dolls, so they have the entire collection of the prince and princesses who look like they are made for each other but looking at this barbie doll set, it seems like the prince and the princess don’t like each other anymore. So, both of them are busy with the horse rather than acting like a couple. Something we are sure of is that some “weird” Walmart employee did that on purpose!

Either the people at the Walmart are extremely done (which is not possible), or they just like messing up with the customers by being all weird and funny at the same time. We all know what a fire extinguisher looks like, but they deliberately labeled the sockets as the fire extinguisher which is weird.

Look at that image and carefully notice what is wrong with the picture. If you haven’t been able to see what’s wrong, then have a look at the website link which is okay but did you notice the text below it which says “Just a d*ck away.” Wasn’t it supposed to be “click?” Well, if you take it literally, the way these Walmart stores are spread out in almost every corner so technically it is not even wrong.

Some of the labels of the products are so weird that you won’t be able to tell what the product is. For instance, after having a look at this tag, you won’t be sure if it’s a toy or blows up doll. At times, you will laugh at the casual attitude of the store management, but there will be times when you need something desperately so you will be frustrated.

A lot of people want to look cool in front of everyone, so they always try to be the trendsetters and do stuff that no one has done yet. So, Walmart has a separate section for you, that is known as “pre-cool” and you can choose your stuff from there to be “pre-cool” which is certainly a whole new level of coolness.

Customers go after labels, whether it be a clothing brand or a cleaner, they will always look at the brand name. So, these companies make their labels attractive to grab the customers. However, there is quite a possibility that the stores lose the labels which would result in the product not being sold. But funnily enough, Walmart knows the solution as it creates its tags!

Fasteners are supposed to look proper and strong because that is its core purpose. So, in all the other stores you would see perfect fasteners, but it is only at the Walmart that you would see the label of the section unfastened because they want to reach the height of being weird. These images undoubtedly prove how hilarious yet weird the Walmart stores are. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with the people around you!

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