After A Brutal Car Crash, The Driver Ran. But He Didn’t Expected The Biker To Do THIS!

So people do bad things, and they think that they aren’t ever going to get caught or someone’s never going to know about it! Talking about this and we know that this stuff usually happens in a hit and run cases when people hit others, and then they take off! Those people think that since they have escaped now no one will ever get to find out! Although this guy did something genius!

clear road


The man was going on his bike on a fine Sunday, but then he heard something crashing! He turned back and there he saw a car hit someone and just went away with it! It was a hit and run situation, and the guy took off! That’s when the motorbike guy decided to switch on his helmet camera and chase the car down!

motorbike camera


The guy immediately switched on the helmet camera, and he started to follow the white car that just hit someone! The car’s driver didn’t know that someone was following him but since the biker caught a glimpse of the car he knew that which one it is and he had the idea that he will get to it!



And then at the signal which went red, the car stopped there! The guy now had a good chance to tell the man that he did wrong and he should get back and report what he did immediately! But as he was approaching him, the signal went green and then the car raced on the street!

bikie camera


So after some chasing, he finally got to the car, and then he said to him that you should turn back and report what you did! The man in the car completely ignored the motor biker, and he speeds off! He was asking him to pull off, but you know as any mean person would react at that time, the guy in the car also reacted in the same way!

camera on bike


But the biker knew that he wouldn’t let him go easy, and then he decided that he will chase him down till he catches the man in the car! So he was following him, and then he caught him again and said that he has all the accident footage on the camera and it is time for him to report because he had the evidence and he will report it for sure!

camera shots


The guy was mean, and he didn’t want to do anything with it, he just ignored it completely that the man caught him on the camera! I think he must have thought that the motor biker just got the accident on the camera but the biker was pretty genius and what he did was he got the man’s face and the car’s number plate on the camera!



As you can see that the car is completely wrecked because it must have been a pretty bumpy accident, the bonnet of the car was just hanging on, and it could be seen that anytime the bonnet will fall off! Anyway so the guy wasn’t ready to stop, and he cared the least about the camera recording him or the accident!

wrecked car


After the biker getting the complete video footage on his camera, he knew that the man in the car isn’t going to stop at any cost! So now he had no choice but to return to the scene where the accident happened! He had the man’s face on the video and even the car’s number plate, so he was content that he’s helping someone!

man on phone


When he got to the scene, the crash victims were standing there! He got to the crash victims and told them that he chased the man and got the face and the number plate of the car which will make it easy for the police to catch him! He asked the victims to call the police and tell them about the incident and the video that he has on his helmet camera!



Check out the complete video where the man has done a genius job by chasing the hit and run guy, and got his face and the number plate of his camera on video! SHARE this article to raise awareness amongst your friends.

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