Here’s How To Make A Book Wall That Will Compliment Your Child’s Room

Books are like some new dimension because they take you to a place where you feel contempt and very fantasized! People who read books are always worried about how they organize their books, and especially when it comes to kids, they have a ton of story books and nowhere to keep!

But don’t worry guys because here we are going to teach you how you can make a simple, easy, and yet affordable book wall for your kids in their playroom! It is just so great because one place you get to customize and decorate the room with it, and secondly, you get the space for your kid’s story books!

And not just that you will get it right with all the story books but your kids will be very much attracted towards it, and they will be excited to take the book out from the book wall and read it! Firstly you need to get some cheap shelves! You don’t need to go on high-end, but you can get some from IKEA!

The shelves that you will get would be most probably for frames, but you will use them as shelves! Take four of the wooden shelves and then start to measure the wall! Because without measuring the wall everything is going to fall out of place and if you have some major OCD then you know what I’m talking here right!

When you measure the wall (with a regular measuring tape) be sure that you divide it into two! Like whatever the width of your wall is you are going to divide the number by two! And the next thing you will do is to find the studs in the wall, and for that, you will require this equipment (stud finder) because there’s no manual way of doing it!

The stud finder is going to help you in finding where the edges of the studs are because without the stud finder there’s no way that you can ever find it! And obviously, people who haven’t done this thing in their life wouldn’t have any idea about it until now!

You put the stud finder on the wall and then it will give you a signal where the edge of the stud will be on the wall! And after it, you will make a mark on the spot by using a pencil! And then you go on the other side of the wall (which you have divided by two) and do the same thing there!

The space between the two marks will be your center, and that is where you are going to start working! Take a drill machine and then drill right in the center between the two marks! Then place the shelf right there, a little pivot and attach it to the wall!

Space the shelves on the wall so that you have enough space to put all the book from it! If you place the shelves very close to each other, it will make the books look very filled up, and you won’t like so just be careful in that!

Once the shelves are all up, the fun part starts! You will get all the colorful, fun books out of the drawers and would strategically start to place them on the shelves by making sure that they are placed perfectly! You can even get your kids to do this because now the hard part is over!

And the book wall is going to look this stunning when everything is done and dusted! Now there’s a notch in this maybe some of you might have noticed it that the shelves have hard corners and when it comes to kids they somehow magically found corners to bump their heads, and we don’t want that!

So what you are gonna do is that you will put your kid’s soft stuff toys on the corner of the shelves so that it minimizes the risk of your kid getting bumped in the head! It will even make the book wall more cool and stylish!

Check out the video tutorial where this cool mom is teaching you how to make the amazing book wall for your kids at home! If you know someone who’s looking for this hack, don’t hesitate to SHARE this story with them because sharing is caring.

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