Most Awkward Bedroom Confessions, Why Would She Admit This?

Setting the mood for $ex is fun and wonderful especially if you’ve been together after so long. Sometimes strange and insanely awkward things can happen during $ex that we all choose to ignore and it’s hot. I’ve rounded up 10 super awkward confessions that can happen during $ex so click through to see!

1. Maybe she’s just an animal in bed

You would all agree that couples may behave like animals on bed. Even in the animal kingdom loud noises are being made then why shouldn’t we do that? Smacking on women a$$ makes her moan even more or maybe she was just trying to tell him to moooo-ve over. Don’t worry girl! It is just an expression of pleasure and your partner loves that.

2. If you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go die now

Some men are aroused by $ex sounds and want her girl to make rough louder noises. Yes that’s what happened to them, while during $ex he changes his style to arouse her more but she started making uncomfortable noises which lasted so long that he received his parent’s text asking them to stay quite. Ahh, nothing could be more embarrassing then receiving guidance from your parents to slow down the things.

3. I mean, I love my cat too, but not that much

Women are possessive by nature and cannot share her guy with other woman, but is that the case with pets their boyfriend adore too? The day she realized she was in competition with the cat for her boyfriend’s love, bring her into new phase of revenge and silence. I would suggest you to “Don’t be silent; always express your feelings. After all, don’t you like it when he moans for you?”

4. Normally broken bones don’t result in a second date

Is $ex a dangerous game? Generally speaking, the importance of safe $ex is realized when any one of the two suffers injuries. Your muscle might get cramp, ribs can be broken by rolling widely on beds or anything like that. This happened to her when she realized her broken arm will now be treated in emergency rooms. It that the extremist that anyone could suffer and obviously the last meeting ever?

5. The combination of phlegm and wookie noises sounds too hot to handle

Men always wanted to enjoy oral $ex and in their final moments they ej@culates in her partners face whilst screaming “CHEWBACCA” and quickly grabs her hair and then punch his partner in the throat to hear her scream “WOOKIEE ROAR!” Yeah that was little embarrassing.

6. Talking to your parents during $ex …

A research has revealed that 1 in 10 of couples use their phone during $ex. Isn’t it unromantic? Does it sounds like a very fun experience for anyone involved? “No, it’s your parents call and never a good idea to pick.”

7. Colonel Sanders approves of this encounter

Her climax went embarrassing for her having fingers sucked on doesn’t really feel like much of anything, but in context can be super hot and an indication that she’s really wound up. She loves to shove her finger in his mouth and make all the noise or just right out say, yeah, that feels great.

8. Things don’t always work

It happened to her during $ex! It was a good start; they had a perfect date, shared yummy food and caught a movie which was enough to swing their mood up. He never asked and assumed her beautiful hairs to be real but she failed to keep that impression long and her hairs were in his hands. Then what? He screamed because he thought he is responsible for that. Huh, what an awkward moment for her.

9. She demanded an intermission in the name of dental hygiene

Have you ever experienced $ex floss? Yes many of you must have got public hair in between your teeth which is a sign of rough oral $ex, making a hairy smile. She stopped him saying “Oh shit baby! I just got $ex floss in my teeth!” Umm, her dentist would be proud.

10. This guy should win a medal for boyfriend of the year

What a woman want from her guy is not more than taking care of her during $ex. Romantic massage is more intimate and sensual for couples. Yeah! She is lucky to have a foot massage from his boyfriend but not for the pleasure and for a pain relief. Isn’t a cute AWW moment?

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