Professor Failed A Student’s Assignment Just Because ‘Australia Isn’t A Country’

Ashley Arnold is one of the average students of the class, and she was given an assignment by one of her professors, and just like any other student, she started working on her assignment with all the research she got. It was a two-week research project and had to be submitted to the professor on time for grading. The research had to be done on a social norm.



As part of the sociology class, Ashley was given an assignment in which she had to compare the usage of social media in the United States with any other country of her choice. She had to compare the social norm of both the countries and list out different points for both the countries that she has chosen. By the sound of it, this doesn’t seem anything which is complex or just out of the world.

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She was doing her work of research, gathered data, and then made some conclusions. It was completed right on time and was situated at the professor’s desk. After few days when Ashley got her grade, she got to know that she has failed the assignment miserably. She just couldn’t seem to understand this at all.

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Like any of us, Ashley got up and went straight to the professor asking that why the professor failed her, to which the professor replied that Australia isn’t a country, but it is continent. She felt confused when she got to hear such an answer from her professor and took a pause for a minute to interpret what is she actually hearing from her teacher.

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Ashley just couldn’t believe what she heard! In fact, she told in an interview; she thought that it is all a joke and there would be an end to it. But unfortunately, it wasn’t a joke, and this was just very true. The professor was a Ph.D. in philosophy, and he said that he would recheck the assignment, but since she has made such a ‘big mistake’ he would have to think about it.

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He told the student that it is a mistake which he has no choice over, but he has given clear instructions for the two-week research project and now since she didn’t know the difference between a continent and a country then he would have to do some serious thinking about it. So in short, the professor still couldn’t come to terms that Australia is a country.

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Students from all around the world would understand the pain of the poor girl who was failed in an assignment just because her professor think Australia to be a continent. After going back and forth, the professor just corrected the grade to B+, and that was it. The student just couldn’t accept it, and she went to the administration to get this in their knowledge too.

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One must think that if professors are such of a kind that they don’t even know about a common country then what would you say about it. Student debts are increasing day by day but if such is the condition of the people teaching then why would someone be interested in spending thousands of dollars on their education and these institutions?

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Anyway, the school administration took a serious notice of this, and they sacked the teacher from the university. They apologized to the student, gave her course fees back and not just that, but they also apologized to the country Australia and wished them good luck just because you never know that how the sentiments of Australian people could get hurt. So one can say, that the university didn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to apologizing for the matter.

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