10 Amazing Life Hacks That Are Nothing But Magical

There are moments when we don’t have time and the energy to do certain things, and then, life hacks come to the rescue. Not only do they save our time but also the energy that we invest in our everyday lives! In fact, they work like magic in the hour of need. The first of these hacks involves a can that you have already used, all you have to do is to cut it from the middle into two halves using scissors and then apply some glue to the portion you have cut it from. Now, stick an old zip around it and join both the parts of the can with the zipper but make sure that you remove the excess portion using a pair of scissors. This can is going to help you store your valuables, whether it be jewelry or money!

Ever felt a need of writing small notes for yourself but not showing them to anyone? We have a solution for you! Remove the rubber holder of the pencil and make a hole in there using a driller. Now, get some paper wraps and insert them into the hollow pencil area before you place the rubber holder back on it. Whenever you feel a need to write something personal, remove the rubber holder and use one of these wraps to write on it and put it back inside the pencil.

Do you need a “different” disposable cup? We know how you can make one yourself. Grab a pair of scissors and cut the upper along with the lower portion of a soft drink bottle. Twist the bottle now and attach the open parts to the bottom part of the bottle. Your disposable cup is ready!

Here’s another hack for you, take a tissue paper and wrap it tightly from the upper end but make sure that you don’t wrap it completely. This paper will look beautiful when you keep it in the disposal cup you made so grab different colors of tissue papers and make as many paper roses as you want.

The next hack is going to make your life easier if you have difficulty in removing the rust from metallic stuff, or you want to make holes in a socket as per your requirement. All you have to do is use discharged electronic items for the job, and your work will be easily done.

When you get locks from the market, after a while you notice that they loosen up, so you get new ones every once in a while. But from now on you won’t have to do that because we have it taken care of! All you have to do is cut the open covering of the battery into small pieces and fold it. Wrap this covering on the lock and you won’t have to face this problem again.

Are you bored? How about making a cheap toy? Grab the cap of the cold drink bottle and make a hole in it. Now insert a refill in the hole that you made and spread some glue around it. In a minute or two, your toy will be ready!

Want to witness magic? Take an old hanger and fold it. Now take a match-stick and cut it into small pieces before you put it around the hanger and wrap it in the aluminum foil. When you are done, use a candle to light it and enjoy the trick!

How about making a duplicate key? Take the key you want to create a copy of and burn it using a lighter. When the key blackens, cover it up with a cello tape and keep the cello tape on the aluminum foil. Then cut the access portion of the aluminum foil and your duplicate key is ready to use.

If you are out of money and still want a phone cover, then you don’t have to worry. Start covering your phone with polyethylene and stick it with cello tape before you apply glue to the back. Now cut the front end with the help of a pair of scissors and remove the polyethylene covered in glue. Don’t forget to make holes near the headphone and the lens portion. Your phone cover is all yours to use now!

These hacks were incredible, isn’t it? But in case you haven’t understood any of these hacks, to help you understand better here’s the video so give it a watch and don’t forget to SHARE them with your friends and family!

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