This Kitten Is Mesmerized By A Simple Straw…But Watch When Mom Comes Over

Many people believe that cats are evil creatures that can harm you but another truth is that they are beautiful creatures that will make you fall in love with them every time you see them playing around. A cat will know that it is adorable and that you love it, so it will always have an idea of how valuable it is to you which is why you wouldn’t ever find your cat running after you.

Well, this may sound like cats are arrogant which they are but another most common characteristic of cats is that they are curious. You must have heard the phrase that curiosity kills the cat, and it is true because they want to explore new things and to be on a forever adventure. Those cute eyes will tell you how interested that little bundle of joy is in knowing what you are doing.

If you have a cat as a pet, you will be very aware of their inquisitive nature and will know how they are extremely interested in whatever is happening. Whether you have brought home something as ordinary as shopping bags, your cat will feel a need to see what’s inside or you are working, the little creature will consider as it’s responsibility to find out what is keeping you so busy.

For example, all you can see in this image is a can with a straw which has nothing special about it but the cute, little kitten since doesn’t know what it is so it keeps on staring at it and sniffing just to find out what it is. It even uses its paw to touch it because of the curiosity that it has. Well, it could have been something very harmful, but the little one has the courage to be “adventurous,” so it keeps playing with it.

It’s funny yet adorable how the kitten roams around the can just to satisfy its curiosity. It might just be a cute act for you, but to this little creature, it’s some serious business. For a second, it looks like it has finally figured out that it is a straw, and people use it to suck liquids, and so the kitten even tries doing it, but that doesn’t put and end to the cuteness.

So, when he couldn’t handle the curiosity, he called his mommy to intervene and help him find out what is this object. But it seems like, the mother cat even has no idea what it is! Probably, she must have been thinking that what mysterious objects do humans use, but well, she has to find out what it is, no matter what.

Hence, what they do is take the straw out so that they can carry out a thorough investigation before they can finally decide what it is. While the mother cat inspects the straw, the baby keeps sniffing the straw to see what’s inside it and when it fails then it diverts it’s attention towards the straw.

But it looks like, they need help which is why another cat (probably the father) comes in and looks as curious like the other two. It keeps staring at the other two with a large interest because cats like keeping themselves busy no matter what it is. So, for some seconds, it tries to figure out what is happening until it finally decides to play its role in the investigation.

We are sure that the third cat too must have jumped and helped the other two with their mission and for a good long hour, they must have kept themselves busy trying to figure out that long pipe that attracts them because of the bright blue color. No matter, how ordinary that scene is but the truth is that it’s cute how these innocent creatures are adorable.

You might be having a rough day and we know how to put up a smile on that gorgeous face so here is the video of these cats, and we are sure that after giving it a watch, you will not only fall in love with them but your day will get better. So, give it a watch and don’t forget to SHARE it with people around you!

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